Guess who’s the centre of attraction after the groom himself! The fearless, the flawless and the funniest man in the hall, ‘the friend of the bridegroom’. All those who think that marriages are the day of ladies are highly mistaken. Whether you’re the best man or just a dear friend, the friend circle of the groom attracts equal attention as the bridesmaid. Having a dapper look at your best friend’s big day is not a luxury. It is actually a necessity.

The groom squad generally has a dress code to follow which is mainly formals. However, carrying the attire in a way that can give you an edge over others is absolutely your responsibility. So, whether you are planning to be in your tuxedo or semi-formals, the accessories and ensemble that you pair with it is matters a lot. Get equipped with these staples for the special occasion and get some extra attention from the ladies on your friend’s wedding day.

Tie or Bow Tie

Tuxedo is the dress code of most of the weddings. Thus, a bow tie is a must-have. When it comes to this traditional look, black bow tie is the most recommended choice. Even if the code is a bit flexible going with the formal attire is the best option. The black and white combination is the ideal or probably the only option for such occasion. In this case, you may with the neck tie. However, make sure that it matches the color of your suit.

Friend Of The Groom – Our Top Style Tips Friend Of The Groom – Our Top Style Tips

Timeless Wristwatch

Most men prefer going with pocket watches for wedding parties. However, this vintage look is perfect for the groom. As a friend of ‘the man of the hour’, you need to look a lot more classy and on-trend. So, instead of the pocket watches try the wristwatch. If you think that in the era of smartphones, a timepiece is of no use, then, you need to reconsider. It can effortlessly add a flair of style and sophistication to your overall personality. A sleek style watch crafted in steel is the reek of class. Avoid going for the dress watches.

Friend Of The Groom – Our Top Style Tips

Pocket Square and Cufflinks

Whether you are going in your dapper formal look or laid back semi-formals, a suit is a must. The coat is incomplete without a matching pocket square. Make sure that you choose the right one for your attire. This is a sleek and effortless way to give a finishing touch to your suit. You can even choose a pattern to match the tie or a contrasting shade for colour of the blazer. Along with this, cufflinks are an essential part of formal dressing. It should be subtle and stylish. Avoid using the bedazzling and jazzy ones.

Friend Of The Groom – Our Top Style Tips

Dapper Shoes

The footwear for the man defines his overall personality. So, remember to wear a nice pair of clean shoes. The footwear should be well-polished and shining. The Oxford or Mock Strap shoes are ideal options for the formal look. Brown is an alternative for the black formal shoes, but it’ll be better if you go with the classic black ones. Make sure that the socks match the shade of your shoes. The combination should not look out of the place.

Friend Of The Groom – Our Top Style Tips

Men’s Cologne

A man who smells good will automatically grab attention. So, make sure that you put on a soothing perfume. Do not go with the ones that have a very strong fragrance. Deodorants are a soothing option, but they don’t last long. Remember, the wedding is a long affair and you need to appear fresh all through the ceremony. Invest some time and dollars in grooming treatment before the occasion and you’ll surely turn heads.

Friend Of The Groom – Our Top Style Tips

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