Alila Seminyak Bali Resort & Spa – Ocean Suite With Views

Alila Seminyak Bali Resort & Spa – Ocean Suite With Views

luxuy-week-bali-300The Alila Seminyak resort is only one year old and is the closest to the ocean than any other resort in the Seminyak area. Its main area has three pools across three different zones. It also has a private spectacular penthouse with its own private pool. I really liked the pool zones with one pool for adults only, another for all hotels guests and finally a pool closest to the beach which was open to the public. Alila Seminyak was a resort that I could not judge by its first impressions. The reason being is that I found the longer I stayed the more I fell in love with. Bali is renowned for its sunsets and sunrises and this resort has so many viewing points, to enjoy these moments. It was a delight to see and explore.

I had the pleasure in meeting,  Gaurang Khemka, the person responsible for the design of the Alila Seminyak. This resort had a distinctive blend of contemporary architecture woven through with vertical greens, wall-hugging plants, green roofs and landscaped terraces designed to enliven the senses. I loved the many green spaces which were replicated in corridors, lobbies and all public spaces all of them naturally ventilated by ocean breezes. It is very different from anything else I have seen.

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View from the penthouse pool towards the other pools.

Penthouse Pool

Penthouse Pool


In the reception, the wall-hugging plants were an eye-catcher and gave a natural feel to it. I also liked that throughout the resort there were combinations of vertical greens and the feel of being right on the beach. Everywhere I walked I could see, feel and hear the ocean.

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With such access to different areas,  I had the pleasure of taking some shots to give an idea of why to stay here. For those looking for the perfect social media shot, this is a place worth staying to grow your social media.

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Alila Ocean Suite

I stayed in the Alila Ocean Suite and it took me a while to find the room number which is engraved in the stone on the floor. The room was 72 m2 which was brilliant and it was well thought out. I could shut off the bathroom with eye-pleasing sliding doors. I liked how the coffee and tea section was tucked away right at the entrance of the room. So anything messy was not in focus. As for the King Bed, I have never slept in bed linen as soft as this. The bed was massive and so comfortable. Regarding the pillows, they were the largest sleeping pillows, I have ever seen in a hotel. With this suite, comes access to a private balcony terrace. My bed literally looks out to it and it gives you that spacious and airy indoor-outdoor feel. At the moment during the night, I sleep with the doors open as I hate air conditioning. What was very unusual with Alila was that they provide insect repellent. I had lost so many along my travels so this was really handy. I also liked that the resort seemed to be a lover of everything paper bags. It added a nice organic feel to the place. I woke up at 4 am to work so I sat outside on a daybed overlooking the paradise ocean view. It was nice to see the blue skies and spectacular sunsets, at my own leisure. To hear those waves and feel the ocean breeze, it was the perfect luxury experience.



Wall art, throughout the suites and resort



I loved the very long sink with two taps so you are not fighting for space. The paper packaging of the toothbrushes, shavers and nail files was really different. Their own signature spa products, exclusive to Alila was nice to test out. The night calming mist was always nice to have access too. One of my favourite part of the bathroom was the bath has which had an open sliding door so I could feel the sea breeze and hear the ocean. It was like having a bath outside but no one could see in.

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The view from the bath

Spa Alila

In entering the spa it had a classy feel and I always love Spas that smell from the moment you walk past them. I had a 90 min Alila Seminyak massage and the therapist’s main focus was using their elbows on my shoulders and back. The history of this spa is all about a guy called Wayan. He was a native therapist from Seminyak, perfected a healing treatment which was very well respected from all across the island. Under his intensive training, the therapists create an infusion of body melting techniques such as lomi – lomi, acupressure, deep tissue muscle movement and gentle stretching.

The therapists were very professional and explained in detail what is going to happen. The massage room had a relaxing feel to it and the smells got me all excited. I found the whole experience so relaxing that I fell asleep during the treatment. The products used on my body which you can choose felt amazing and even after a few hours my skin still looked great. In Bali, the street massages are cheaper but in most cases, the so-called therapists have never ever been trained. That saying, you get what you pay for is very true. There were many products you can purchase here to take home and remind you of your stay. Lash out, spend the cash, you’re body deserves pampering and as a result, your work will benefit from it. A massage every so often is healing on every level.


The Beach Bar

I have been to Bali many times and in the last two weeks, my meals have been a hit and miss. This stunning restaurant which is part of the Alila was overlooking the ocean and offered amazing food. The pristine kitchen and what it had to offer is why I recommend dining here. Even if you’re not staying at the resort,  it is a must-try. The presentation, the variety and the way the food was prepared was brilliant. The food is a mix of Balinese, Indonesian and other Asian style dishes. I had an amazing night here with staff that go out of their way to help you.

Alila muc don thit squid stuffed with minced pork


I met the bar manager Carlos, originally from Mexico, who created the most unique cocktails I have had in a long time. He had such a natural gift and passion for it. The cocktails were represented in the way he lets his fingers do the talking. Carlos is adventurous and creative, pushing the boundaries when it comes to reinventing traditional cocktails we are so used too. I like how he used the local fresh products from Bali, to create the cocktails. One of my favourites was the chocolate black margarita. It consisted of Don Julio Blanco, Grand Marnier tamarind puree, lime juice, lemon juice, simple syrup, smokey cinnamon rim. The chilli spice around the cocktail glass was just divine.

Black Magarita


The variety and standard on offer here was amazing. The selection of juices and exclusive a la carte dishes to was one worth spending a lot of time here to explore and taste. I loved the braised-lentil-salad braised greens lemon dish. The Egg Station options were one of the best I have eaten in Asia. With the view of the ocean and watching the massive waves, it was the perfect way to start my day. For visitors treat yourself to Bali and what it has to offer regarding food and juices. Oh and before I forget the coffee was fabulous too.



This was a place that during my stay, I came to love more and more. The views combined with the friendly staff just made my stay so much enjoyable. This resort had a mixture of couples, elderly and families with children, which was an example of how versatile the Alila Seminyak resort can be. Those with children can be reassured that the kids club will keep them very entertained whilst letting the parents enjoy time to themselves. These extra gems can make your holiday a balanced one. If you can afford it ($2000 a night), opt for the penthouse it has truly amazing views and all the private comforts one can only dream of, including me. Thank you for spoiling me so much.


  • Room reviewed: Alila Ocean Suite from £373 – rooms start at £185 for superior rooms.
  • Website:
  • Address: Jl. Taman Ganesha No.9, Kerobokan, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
  • Phone: +62 361 3021888

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