Givenchy Skirts – Can Men Wear Skirts?

Givenchy Skirts – Can Men Wear Skirts?

givenchy mens skirts 2012

Givenchy Skirts

At the men’s spring/summer shows in Europe, skirts weren’t just the garment of choice for the female editors and buyers in the audience, but also for the male models sashaying down the runways. Why wouldn’t men be attracted to the same fabric-full, long silhouettes skirts which can offer alternatives than shorts or pants? From Comme des Garçons to Givenchy, skirts sewed a unifying theme amongst a handful of menswear designers, even those with otherwise clashing aesthetics. Whether lightweight and above-the-knee (Givenchy) or long and heavy (Yohji Yamamato), skirts truly were worn by men.

What was more vibrant were the prints and colours that  Givenchy Men’s Resort 2013 Collection offered. It is typical of the brand’s recent aesthetics with a focus on psychedelic graphics, simple layering with a darker edge.

With references to the military and boy scouts, the collection thrives on Resort pieces and marked by black, navy, slate blue, khaki, and burgundy hues with soft pink and red highlights in conjunction with paisley, aircraft, propeller, braid and star graphic detailing. The use of stripes and check patterns draw attention to the expert tailoring and sharp geometrical cuts.

These collections are for the more adventurous man and I am loving every bit of it. It is how you wear the garments that will certainly be a test of fashion trends for the  next coming year.

Givenchy Spring Summer 2012 - skirts for men

Loving the green

givenchy 2013 - pre spring collection for men

Love the man bag and shoes

givenchy 2013 - pre spring collection for men

Wicked jacket

givenchy 2013 - pre spring collection for men - skirts

Great legs

givenchy mens autumn fall 2012

What on earth is on his nose?

Givenchy_mens_2012 spring,summer

Floral prints, not sure about this one?

givenchy-2013 spring-collection

Love the sandals


I’m liking the gothic idea here

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