David Gandy – Savile Row Don’t Be Intimidated

David Gandy – Savile Row Don’t Be Intimidated

David Gandy - Menstylefashion Interview

In this interview I couldn’t help noticing his obsession, with the classic white t-shirt. I think it maybe something to do with that pristine waxed chest of his. I wanted know why he styled himself with this combination. The trend setter shares with us all his reason why the epic classic white t- shirt is here to stay. For all the Gandy obsessed fans listen to what David really thinks about you and your tweets?

Savile Row – The Next Generation

It’s an on going question  I will keep asking in all my interviews this year. What does Savile Row  mean to any man? What is the future of Savile Row.  At the latest LC:M I was thrilled to see that Savile Row is reaching out to a younger market. The clothes coming up for any gentlemen are very exciting.  More on that to come and our awards coming up soon.

For me a man who has given Savile Row a refreshing edge is David Gandy himself.

David Gandy - - London Collections men 2014 white t-shirt

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