Gold Pendants – The Top Style Trends

Gold Pendants – The Top Style Trends

Nowadays more and more people like to send gold jewelry as a gift in the Spring Festival, which is both decent, healthy, auspicious, caring and other beautiful meanings. Let’s introduce the meaning of various gold pendants and gold bracelets. Sending elders, friends, family members, or wearing themselves can be used as a reference.


Meaning Of Gold Pendants

The pendant of the key element is fashionable and exquisite, and it also means to open the knot. There is no depressing thing in the future. The Spring Festival is perfect for sending friends or lovers!

People’s impression of dogs is docile, loyal, brave and cute. In the New Year, people look forward to “the harvest of the grain, the prosperity of the six animals.” and blessing people “everything is prosperous.”

And 2018 is the Zodiac Dog Year, the 3D hard gold pendant of the cute dog pattern, name bracelets, exquisite and compact, stylish and generous, but also prosperous, certainly very popular with everyone, the Spring Festival is used to send lovers, friends, a baby is also suitable.

Exquisite and lovely fish-shaped pendants are loved by female compatriots. In fish-shaped pendants, most are goldfish and squid. Among them, goldfish is regarded as a symbol of lucky because it contains the word “gold”. The squid, because of the allusion of “Fish Leaping Dragon Gate”, means that it will flourish and turn rich.

There is an elephant pattern that symbolizes auspiciousness or Hilary.

  The pronunciation of “Ping” in Apple is consistent with the pronunciation of “Ping” in Chinese “Peace”. Therefore, the Chinese have embodied the blessing of “peaceful peace” and smooth life as Apple’s shape.

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Golden Buddha

Folks often say “Men wear Guanyin female wear Buddha “, which is derived from Chinese traditional culture and the Book of Changes. The book believes that everything should follow the balance of yin and yang, so women should wear a male Buddha to achieve yin and yang balance. Ladies can also learn tolerance and optimism from the Buddha and hope that the Buddha can protect them safe, healthy and rich. Nowadays, many men also wear golden Buddha pendants. They hope that they can have great wisdom like Buddha, and learn to behave in a humble and tolerant manner.

The history of name jewelry long-lived locks is relatively deep. In ancient times, it was a kind of amulet for the people. It was thought to have the function of evil spirits, exorcism, disaster relief, and blessing. Later, it was extended to lock life and ensure the healthy growth of children. Long-life locks are mostly like locks or ruyi shapes.

They are printed with the words “long life and centenary” and other characters. The adults give them to newly born children. Hope that he can grow up quickly and live happily.

The leaves represent a vitality, meaning that the tree of life is evergreen. It is also in harmony with the “career”, which means that your career is developed vigorously, step by step, and career is higher.

Peanuts are commonly known as longevity fruits. People use peanuts to symbolize longevity. Peanuts also hold people’s expectations for life, and they also indicate that fruits like peanuts are full of fruits. The meaning of peanuts “rooting roots” is to protect children’s health and well-being.

The shape of the little angel is vivid, and the angel is the representative of happiness and peace.

The use of gold has been huge for not only pendants and necklaces, but also for matching anniversary bands.

Meaning of  Pattern On Gold

The dragon is a mythical animal in the myths and legends. It can make clouds and rain, and benefit all things. The phoenix is ​​the embodiment of auspicious. The two together represent the love that never ends, and the meaning of the dragon and the phoenix is ​​good, and the elderly are said to be rich and happy.

The peony flower is rich and noble, and it is the king of flowers. It is also one of the national flower candidates in China. It symbolizes auspiciousness and wealth and is also the most common pattern in jewelry.

  • Lotus represents pure love but also means high purity and nature. Sending the elderly represents refreshing health.
  • Roses are the most commonly used to express love and are a symbol of happiness. Expressing love, caring, and hoping to bring good luck, meaning pure, far-reaching and romantic.
  • Chrysanthemum, like pomegranate, also represents many children and more wealth.

The metaphor of the person’s character is modest and cautious, and it is just as good as it is, and it is very good for the elders. It also means that the bamboo blossoms are high and the love and business are in full swing.

Gold Necklaces

The pendant is nothing without a proper gold necklace. While gold has been around for 100’s of years, women still love gold. And mother’s even more. You can find gold mothers necklaces here.

Alternatively, you can ditch the pendant and go for a name necklace. Protection Status

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