Grayton Watches – Vintage Inspired Trends

Grayton Watches – Vintage Inspired Trends

london-luxury-week-2015-300x120Grayton is a brand I hadn’t really heard much about up until this point but as part of Luxury Week London, we decided to put the watch to the test on a few key aspects; Feel, Fashion, Features & Functionality. I wore a Grayton Watch every day during Luxury Week London and you can see it in action in the video below. If you’d rather read about it, continue as you were.

How It Feels

I have worn many watches in my life and I would say my one common complaint is how the watch feels on my skin under both the watch face and the strap. The Grayton Watches I was reviewing feel buttery smooth on my skin and when taken off, left no marks or irritations underneath. I also found that the strap felt smooth on my skin too while maintaining a solid position on my wrist. You would be surprised at how many watches manage to forget about the comfortability of their watches! Grayton seems to have considered this thoroughly.

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Wearing the Grayton watch at a luxury dining experience at Dabbous restaurant.

How It Looks

The watch face itself comes in a few subtle colours and the outlines of the hands and numbers come in a few different colours too. Personally, my favourite colour combination is the shiny off white face with bronze numbering. Simplicity is key for me and my taste in watches but I also require a sense of elegance which I get from this watch.

The side of the casing matches the bronze metallic look of the hands and the numbers which also matches the buckle so the theme of the watch is consistent from end to end.

The underside actually allows you to see into the mechanics of the watch providing a unique view of the intricate details. This has proven to be one of my favourite things about the watch.

The strap has an interchangeable feature allowing you to have varying styles, materials and colours in your artillery. My favourite of the watches has a genuine black leather strap that even after only a week of use, has moulded its form to suit my wrist. I love that the watch already looks like I have been wearing it for years.

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Its Features

As I mentioned previously, the straps are interchangeable just like we are seeing with most watches these days having a like switch to press releasing the strap from the watch. I managed to undo the strap and reattach it in 12 seconds so it’s really easy and time-efficient.

The watch also has a very attracted dial that allows you to control the date and the time when travelling. For me, this watch is made far more attractive with the dial style the way it is. If it were any other way, I feel the watch would lose something.

Something I really thought I wanted to mention was the movement of the second hand. Rather than a ticking motion, the hand glides around the face seamlessly and even gave the sense of time moving in slow-motion which I thought was really cool.


The combination of the dial on the side and the smooth movement of the second hand creates a seemingly perfect functionality. It’s strange to think that these two things have made such a difference to the way I wear and looks at the watch on my wrist. The way in which the watch functions is calming and soothing on the eye.


My final thoughts on Gratyon is that they are doing things exactly how I like them. Creating watches that are easy to wear, but also exude a quietly confident style and functionality. I would be honoured to introduce you to its website so you can take a look at the various styles on offer.

I hope you enjoyed the imagery and footage we created for our Luxury Week London.

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