When looking at guys with beards, what comes to mind? Can one always trust a man with a well groomed beard? From a women’s perspective beards terrify me, but thanks to the likes of male grooming products, I can honestly say I’m finding them more and more enticing. Those sandpaper days of snogging a man with a beard are over. Yes gentlemen take the time to groom your beard or moustache and you will reap the rewards of your hard grooming labour. Here are some of the products you should try out from the  Blacklabel Beard co.

Cedarwood and Sage Scented shave soap

To make your beard stand out regular shaving of the skin around is necessary. Why not use the cedarwood and sage scented shave soap made with oatmeal and honey. It will leave a nice smell on your skin after your shave and leave the skin nice and smooth. This is not an ordinary shaving foam but a quality product with 100% pure essential oils and organic grown ingredients. All the good things from the earth go straight back into your shaving experience.

Cedarwood and sage - male grooming

Cedarwood and Sage Scented shave soap

Bay- Rum Beard Oil

To stop beard itch and beard ruff you need to keep your beard conditioned and shiny with beard oil. This bay rum oil is the best oil on the market and again made from 100% natural ingredients. It is a light-weight product and that is important, as for you guys there is nothing worse using products that is weighing down your beard or having it feel greasy.

bay rum beard oil

Bay Rum Beard Oil

Wacky Tacky Firehouse Moustache Wax

These days guys you can have a lot of fun with their moustaches especially on a nights out. This product states what it says on the tin. It has an amazing hold, but also conditions your facial hair at the same time. Wacky Tacky is the darkest wax money can buy and sure favourite for tache sculptors. For this reason don’t be afraid to match what is on the tin and let your wacky creations be know to the world.

firehouse moustache wax

Firehouse Moustache Wax

Peppermint Moustache Wax

I love the smell of peppermint and it is one of my favourite teas that I drink. So it comes to a nice surprise that you can have moustache wax that smells like peppermint. You get to sculpture your moustache and you can smell the peppermint through your noose.


Naturally Conditioning Beard Wash

Yes another one of those 100% organic natural soaps. This one is multi functional and can be used as a soap for hair, face and body and also as a shaving cream. This is the product to take with you if you want to travel lightweight.


Naturally Conditioning Beard Wash

Pina Colada Beard Oil

Gosh I am loving this one. Nothing more endearing when you’re on holiday and you end up feeling like your man and his beard are somewhere tropical. Salt water in that beard is nasty after a swim. Like all the beard oils this products stops beards itch and beard ruff.

All these lovely beard and moustache grooming products can found at the Blacklabel Beard Co.

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