Men’s fashion has triumphed over the years, breaking free from the conservative dress code, as seen in previous years. However there is still a stigmatism among some men and the art of looking good. The rise of the now titled ‘metro man’ has ensued a long list of critique, from oppositely titled ‘real men’. Men who dress well, are most often than not referred to as ‘gay’ and made to feel that their expression of clothing, is nothing more than frivolous and effeminate. I have a great issue with labels in general, but to umbrella men conscious of their looks as metro, only seeks to create a focal point for ridicule and unnecessary abuse

  Saddens and Enrages Me at The Same Time

It saddens and enrages me at the same time, when men are socially prohibited from self-expression, all down to the few negative mind sets of some. I myself have been unfortunate enough to experience this first hand, walking along minding my own business and dodging taunts such as ‘gay boy’ and ‘how gay are his clothes’. Now to pay those ignorant people their dues, I am a gay man, however there are men who have to factor this negativity, into their daily lives, who are proud to be heterosexual. Clothing doesn’t make men gay, nor does it make you straight, it’s a message you send out about yourself and is representative of your personality.

What Gives You the Upper Hand to Cast Judgement on Men

The fashion industry is a multi-million pound business and not one to be sniffed at, by judgemental and fashion uneducated individuals. It’s all good and well to walk around in a football shirt and ‘sensible’ shoes, but take into account that polyester monstrosity, was designed by someone and you chose to wear it. What gives you the upper hand to cast judgement on men, who want to further branch out their choices and wear the latest trends? The answer to this question is a resounding NOTHING! Just as you choose to pick your clothes for comfort, some men pick theirs for fun and adventure.

 Only Gay Men Reign Supreme, in the Design World

Another wide misconception is only gay men reign supreme, in the design world and call the shots around what we buy and wear. This isn’t the case and again, it’s another pre-conceived stereotype of an often misunderstood industry. A lot of negativity comes down to ignorance and unwillingness to open up ones mind-set, to other options out there. If like many others you get a haircut, then how is this any different to a person, who takes that a step further and creates a cohesive look, to work around their new hairstyle? I have to state here is no apparent difference. We live in a society where we are far too quick to judge people, on their appearance and are happy to stand on a soap box spouting about how the fashion industry, is often unnecessary and destructive. It is actually instrumental in funding our high street and keeping people in employment, so aside from the benefit of lovely clothes, it also gives people the opportunity to earn a living.

 Buying a Pair of Shoes is a Choice, However your Sexuality Isn’t

Before you cast aspersions take into account, that not everyone is the same and the world would be a very beige place, if some men had their way. There is enough negativity to battle with, without having to swerve the narrow minds, of some individuals. Buying a pair of shoes is a choice, however your sexuality isn’t and shouldn’t be trivialised, when judging men, on their expressive outfits. If it’s ok for women to dress well for themselves, then men should be allowed the starting blocks, to at least express their love of fashion. More and more men are growing fashion conscious and very susceptible, to the allure of the latest trends, which is a great benchmark against fighting negative views of some. Celebrities such as David Gandy are testament, that preening and styling can greatly enhance and empower an individual, if they feel great in their clothes.


Clothing isn’t a throw away and costly hobby, it can be used as a way to gain self-confidence, now there’s nothing very ‘gay’ about that!