If you have seen Tom Cruise sporting Aviator sunnies in Top Gun, and John Belushi wearing a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer in the Blues Brothers film, you know just how easy it is to elevate one’s look using the right pair of shades. You can go out wearing just a simple shirt and pants, and still look debonair when you cap off your look with sunglasses that fit your face perfectly.

In this article, we spoke to Kane from Great Southern Sunnies about purchasing men’s sunglasses online, and how you can choose from the massive range of designer sunglasses styles and designs and ultimately pick a pair that you will love and will suit your face.

Consider the level of UV protection

Extended exposure to UVA and UVB rays may cause eye problems including macular degeneration, cataracts and photokeratitis. As such, you want to pick a pair of sunnies that block out the sun’s harmful rays to ensure that your eyes will remain healthy for longer.

Your safest bet is to choose a pair that has a “UV 400” label and blocks all ultraviolet waves that are shorter or equal to 400 nanometers. Polycarbonate lenses are another good choice, as they have built-in UV coverage, and are far more resistant than glass lenses.

Guide To Buying Men's Sunglasses Online

Choose from different styles

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing sunglass styles for men. There are frames that have stood the test of time and remain classics up to this day, and there are fresh, bold sunnies that are on-trend and give you instant style points.

Aviator – Originally developed as essential eyewear for pilots, this timeless style is characterized by its teardrop shape, double bridge, and sleek metal frame.

Wayfarer – Another iconic style that has graced the faces of several well-known personalities since the ’50s, the Wayfarer is a top choice for men looking for a sunglass style that has an all-appealing shape.

Clubmaster – This classic style from the 50s is famous for the metal rivet accents on the frame’s temple and end pieces, and the wire rim on the bottom.

Clip-on frames – This is a vintage style that has made a comeback to current sunnies styles. Clip-on frames are comfortable to wear because they are lightweight and have slim lines.

Round sunglasses – this is a retro-inspired style that lets you channel the grunge look of the 90s. Round shades are ideal for men who have angular features, as the shape works well in softening the edges of the face.

Take your lifestyle into account

Investing in a pair of designer sunglasses is not cheap, so you want to make sure that whichever style you get will work well for your lifestyle. Casual shades that are UV-protected are ideal for everyday use, as they shield your eyes from light rays while you walk around town or drive to work, while sports sunglasses that are flexible and impact-resistant are a better choice for men who love engaging in fast-paced adventures.

Determine your face shape

Not all sunglasses that look attractive on display will look great when you put them on. So before you pick a pair, it’s important to know your face shape so you can find the right style that has proper fitting and looks best on you.

Oval face shape – Because of the balanced proportions of your face, most sunglass styles will look good on you. Square and rectangular-shaped sunnies will highlight the natural balance of your face, but oversized frames that cover up too much of your face will not look as flattering.

Heart-shaped – If you have a wide forehead, small chin, and well-defined cheekbones, then rimless and thin frames are your best choices.

Diamond face shape – This face shape is characterised by a narrow jawline and forehead, and high cheekbones. Square frames are a simple choice that can effectively add a touch of visual interest to your overall look.

A trusty pair of sunglasses will serve several functions: it will allow you to see better even in bright conditions, to add panache to your look, and to maintain good eye health as you age. So take your time in choosing between different frame styles, and don’t settle for just any pair.