As 2020 came to a close, it gave us all a chance to take a look back at quite possibly the most unfortunate year in recent history. It was a year defined by a global pandemic and a climate crisis, among other events. As another year begins, let’s all hope that things will start to get better.

Starting on the individual level, people often say the phrase “look good, feel good” and for the right reasons. Fashion, just like any other industry, is also heavily inspired by current circumstances. The previous year rarely gave us a chance to go out and have a reason to dress up.

This year, with the easing of lockdowns thanks to the development of a vaccine, men will finally have the opportunity to flaunt their own styles. Just in time, too, with the ending of the fall/winter season, spring and summer are the perfect seasons to show some personality. Check out some of the latest trends in men’s fashion to keep you up-to-date.

Often Overlooked

Most men tend to avoid using any unnecessary accessories unless an occasion calls for it. But even then, they focus heavily on the usual items like shoes, ties, and watches. The little things like necklaces, bracelets, and certain jewelry pieces are just as important to complete a look.

This 2021, elevate your style regardless of whether it’s casual or formal wear. Adding a few minor touches to your get-up can go a long way.


Bracelets provide a very subtle way of adding a little personality to your outfit. People seem to think that these accessories should always be flashy to get noticed. That’s not necessarily the case. For men, wearing a minimalist bracelet is always better.

Bracelets for men

A very simple silicone wristband is the perfect pair for your go-to casual wear. Especially during the spring and summer, it’s a great way to accessorize without getting too flashy. For more formal occasions, consider an engraved metal band or chain link to keep it classy.


Men’s fingers are often left bare except when they get married and put on a wedding ring. People seem to believe that’s the only ring men should ever wear. It’s time to ditch that way of thinking when it comes to men’s fashion.

rings for men

Wearing rings with adventurous designs or over-sized gems is the perfect choice for a bold statement piece on your hands. It will definitely show off your personality and one-up any look you have going on. Some sophisticated silver or gold bands are best for being more reserved.


Necklaces are great to pair up with button-down shirts, usually worn during the spring/summer season. Most leading fashion icons suggest that every man should have at least one chain necklace to pull off a stylish look.

necklace for men

Slim metal chains can be pulled off for both casual and formal occasions. It shows off a more refined, well put together outfit. Adding a pendant will make it seem much more distinguished. Leather necklaces have also been on the rise, along with bolo ties, great alternatives to the usual necktie for suits.


These tiny accessories are a great way to elevate a black-tie outfit. With all kinds of designs, shapes, and sizes, modern brooches offer an avenue for adding personality to an otherwise strict dress-code event. It can also be attached to any part of your suit, from the collar to the tie.

brooche for men

In fact, wearing a brooch isn’t necessarily bound to formal wear. There are no rules when it comes to this accessory. You could attach it to any piece of outerwear like a denim jacket or trench coat. You could even put it directly on your shirt. Feel free to express yourself through this trinket.


These days, earrings are no longer reserved for just the ladies. Many men have also been getting their ears pierced, and multiple fashion brands are taking notice. If you’re looking to add some more style to your already fashionable look, consider getting into earrings.

earrings for men

Studs are great for going the subtle route. They’re often small but still provide a distinct look and feel sure to catch people’s attention. If you’re looking to get a little iconic, go for charismatic dangle earrings and show people that you can switch it up.

Exuding Charm

The previous year was filled with online work meetings, virtual events, and limited gatherings. Consequently, our outfits were dominated by a lot of loungewear with minimal effort. This year it’s time to go all-out in what you wear, both big and small. Every little detail matters, don’t be afraid to accessorize.