HatQuarters – Tips in Choosing a Hat That Suits You


HatQuarters started in Barcelona as the exclusive retailer of the world famous hat brand from San Fransicso, Goorin Bros. Whilst browsing the El Born area in Barcelona I instantly loved  this shop. It’s very male friendly, super easy to try on as many hats as you like. Its range of footwear also blends in very well with the hats. So you can walk out in a complete new outfit from head to toe.

HatQuarters is becoming a fast growing brand, they are adding a retail location in Istanbul with several further locations now in construction throughout Europe and the world.

How to choose the hat for you?

Simple get with some friends head into the shop and try on as many hats as you want. By everyone’s reactions including your own.You’ll instantly know you’ve chosen the right hat for you.



Staff member looking funky with his hat








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