Hentsch Man

For other reasons I could not attend one of my favorites designers called Hentsch Man last month. However looking at the collection  for 2015. Alexia  the designer always never let’s me down. For me she always captures the fun side of men. Now menswear has seem to gone up a gear in that this designer always likes to push the boundaries for men. It’s needed for sure and it  makes it a lot more interesting.

Stripes For Men

I sent out a tweet saying yes or no regarding men wearing stripes, most of you said no. However with this style you have to appreciate that if worn well and for some of you gents by breaking the pattern up a tad. Stripes for men can look great. Check out some tips  on how to embrace it. Another colour that can be a tad tricky is yellow. I know a lot of guys avoid it more on that in another article.

Gorgeous photo’s by Maria Scard