In an urban meets urbane collaboration of epic proportions,  BEENTRILL, the street-smart apparel-music-art collective and DJ Crew, joins forces with luxury department store Harvey Nichols. This fashion mash-up recently showcased 15 must-have looks from their up-and-coming Spring/Summer 2015 collection during London Collections: Men, some of which you can buy now exclusively at Harvey Nichols stores worldwide and online. Conceived less than 3 years ago by an avant-garde group including Matthew Williams and Heron Preston, BEENTRILL proves that when Kanye West—one of the label’s biggest mentors—spits the line, “…can we get married at the mall?”, it doesn’t matter if he means the infamous shopping complex of middle-class convenience or the famous London street where people gathered to see Prince William and Duchess Kate after their Royal Wedding. Why? Because  BEENTRILL  is a brand that boldly embodies the ‘hood and high-society.

Enter Chris Berchie

For Chris Berchie, the London-based, international model on the rise with NFAMOUS Model Management, being able to strike a pose and show off some  BEENTRILL  threads was literally the moment of a lifetime—both professionally and personally. With his father passing away just days before the show, Chris admits that this event “was all he had to look forward to.” In “true” and “real”, aka  TRILL, the-show-must-go-on fashion, he not only represented the various designers that make up the  BEENTRILL  X Harvey Nichols alliance, including Kim Jones, Hardy Amies, Gareth Pugh, Shaun Samson, A. Sauvage, Mr. Hare and Linda Farrow, he wore them well—and had a great time doing it.

After the Show is the After Party

In Chris’ own words: “I thought the show was brilliant! (It was) such a great opportunity to work with great designers and people. I first went there pretty nervous, but as soon as I met the other models and MUA, they were all so friendly and nice…It was probably one of the best times of my life and I still wear the wrist band to this day! I think the show was perfect, the music, the layout of the hall…My legs were hurting so much though! (But that) didn’t stop me from dancing at the after party…The after party and wearing the Mr. Hare  BEENTRILL  tee were the highlights of the night!”


For sure, fashion’s latest power couple kicked off their dynamic union in a major way to mark the beginning of a beautiful relationship and style movement that is just getting’ the party started. And you don’t stop.

Photo Credit: Natalie Potter, Twitter: @NataliePotter17