007 Fashion – Top 5 James Bond Outfits

007 Fashion – Top 5 James Bond Outfits

Top Five James Bond Outfits

James Bond represents one of the screen’s most iconic characters as well as one of its most stylish. Whether 007 is chasing the villains or the ladies, he has the perfect attire to aspire to, and these are his five top clothing moments. What is it about James Bond that has withstood the test of time? How can one iconic gentleman have so much influence and dictate the future of menswear trends.  Let’s take a look historically at what clothing and accessories stood the test of time. And who would dare to adopt the image let alone the James Bond Style.


Goldfinger (1964) Golf Course Class

Golfing is a sport that certainly brings out the best and worse attire on the course. If it’s not worn well within the golfing attire, it can make most men look scrubby.  However, in the Bond movies, they always seem to find the right balance on and off the course. In this case, Sean Connery opted for the dark burgundy Slazenger pullover and grey polo shirt and topped it off in fine form with a grey straw trilby hat with a matching striped ribbon. His attention to detail wearing a contrasting matching glove gave it an effortlessly looking finish. He looked completely appropriate for the golf course, but also made sure he inspired other golfers to pay attention to what they wear within this elite fabulous sport.


Casino Royale (2006) Classic In The Casino

I’m in the process of talking to some top poker players who crossed the world. They keep assuring me that their image whilst playing if very crucial to these intellect endurance games. What they wear will have power and influence on the poker table. James Bond movies always have moments of tension around certain tables. Although this movie shook up the franchise when 007 (Daniel Craig) hits the Montenegro Casino to take on villain Le Chiffre at poker. We could all instantly identify with Daniel Craig and what he chose to wear. This traditional evening classic tuxedo ensemble certainly matched the game of poker. Daniel showcased that the conservative tuxedo can be cool and worn well in casinos. It all comes down to your personal attitude and sustainability under pressure.


On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) Embassy Elegance

It’s not every man’s cup of tea to be wearing eccentric shirts let alone military-inspired suits in public. But in this case, again Bond played by  George Lazenby certainly pulls out all the stops in this number. Frilled shirts and uniform attire is one that really needs to be worn at certain outings. The inspiring attribute of this outfit is that it shows an unusual side of masculinity. One who dares to be different and not hide behind closed closets so to speak. But if James can do it then there is no reason you can’t. Well at least make sure you give it your own personal edge to it.


The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) On Safari

The tan-hued safari-style number matched with brown Gucci moccasins that Roger Moore’s Bond wears when he goes to Cairo in search of submarine plans is an ensemble you can’t really imagine Connery’s Bond ever wearing. In each of the Bond movies when the actors have been changed. It is the perfect time to showcase different eras. What looked good on Sean does not mean Craig could wear it just as well. This is the beauty of the James Bond movies they are all capturing fashion iconic eras throughout cinema. Therefore turning the clock back in time that silk suit in a light brown colour commonly associated with the 1970s, with wide lapels, swelled edges and flared trousers is one for the true brave hearts of fashion.


Die Another Day (2002) Comfortable Cashmere

For most men, it’s quality as opposed to quantity that counts and the fabric cashmere is one that we all can relate to. The word cashmere itself states class and money well worth spent. Cashmere can always be associated more with the likes of women than men but in this case, Pierce shows us the softer side of Bond.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that 007 is an agent, not just a clothes horse, but the black cashmere jumper that Bond (Pierce Brosnan) wore at the ski-lodge party in this instalment. Illustrated that loose-fitting outfits can come in handy. In this case, it enables him to conceal a gun beneath it which proves crucial.


Where does James Bond go from here? What is the 2015 Bond going to be wearing let alone the 2015 trends to be set. No matter what James Bond movies have remained a style icon for the cinematic ages something sure to continue when Spectre is released this year.

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