Hotel Cafe Royal – Regent Street London

Hotel Cafe Royal – Regent Street London

There is one place in London that anyone in the world will insist that you must experience and that is the famous Piccadilly Circus London. I’ve known London now for almost twenty years and the wonderful thing about this city is that there are always new places to discover. So let me take you on a journey in a place not so far away from Piccadilly Circus, it’s called Hotel Cafe Royal.
This Hotel has a long standing history with blending in fashionistas and famous celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Andy Warhol, Oscar Wilde and Winston Churchill, just to name a few. The recent 200 million pound refurbishment was a true inspiration of opulence. I would highly recommend anyone to take the time out from your busy agenda and come and visit this hotel.

Suites & Guestrooms

Samantha and Ahmed took me on a historical detailed journey of some of the suites and rooms. What I loved was how the rooms mixed contemporary design with history. The Empire suite was shown to me and it’s the largest room of the hotel. This is where I could lay for hours and appreciate the artists and all the history of this hotel. In the Empire suite, you can feel like the king or queen of an Empire.

Cafe Royal hotel. The Pompadour Suite ceiling

Bathrooms In Carrara Marble

The Hotel Cafe Royal literally halted the Italy marble production due to the amount of Carrara marble that was ordered and used to refurbish the Hotel Cafe Royal. It was well worth the massive project. It feels amazing to lie in the bath and the TV in the bathroom is an added extra for you guys wanting to watch football whilst indulging in this luxury. Coming from an Italian background, this luxury reminded me of my many visits to Italy. La Dolce Vita Gracie Opulanza style.

Cafe Royal Hotel - Piccadilly Circus London (5)


Interview With John Halls – Footballer Male Model

Now what better place to interview Dolce & Gabbana model John Halls than in the 106sqm/1,141sqft suite. As you can see we enjoyed the original Tudor fireplace that celebrates the Elizabethan era. You know me guys I have got to explore every area of this room when you’ve got the likes of John around.


The Dome Suite

This room is just the icing on the cake and the views of Piccadilly Circus are breath taking. Created under a copper domed rotunda, an original feature of this Grade II listed building, the Dome Suite has been modernised to become the ultimate rock ’n’ roll suite with a cinema style 103 inch projector, DJ ‘booth’, oversized mirror ball with spectacular LED lighting illuminating the dome and a giant ming-green bath tub. This room is 121sqm/1,300sqft in size and has a 85sqm/915sqft terrace. I just had to try this bathtub.

Cafe Royal Hotel - Piccadilly Circus London (4) Cafe Royal Hotel - Piccadilly Circus London (2)

The Akasha – Spa Experience

The Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre is an urban retreat spanning over 1,200sqm/13,000sqft. Reflecting a core vision to harmoniously unite the four natural elements of nature, Akasha features four corresponding spaces: earth offers nourishment in the lounge bar, water flows through the spa, fire blazes across the gym and air breezes through the studios.
I had a 50 minute massage and all I can say is that I shall be returning. I could not help returning to the steam room and it’s amazing who you end up meeting in there. Thanks Lulu Guinness for the exclusive peek of your 2015 leather handbag collections.

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The Green Bar – Givenchy’s L’atelier Collection Of Perfumes & Cocktails

Inspired by the Café Royal Cocktail Book compiled in 1937, the Green Bar at Hotel Cafe Royal is a must visit. From the fashion studios to the perfumers’ lab and then on to the mixologist’s bar, from exquisite fabrics to precious ingredients, the quintessence of the Givenchy style is conveyed by seven special fragrances and mirrored by cocktails created by their award winning team.

Cafe Royal Hotel - Piccadilly Circus London (1)

The Staff – Cafe Royal Hotel

You can have the most beautiful hotel in London but for me it’s dead in the water unless the very hosts come alive and include you as if you are part of the furniture. For me, Samantha West is why the hotel will continue to flourish and shine. She is a touch of class that no money, fame or the £200 million refurbishment can ever buy or replace. See you in the member’s room. You never know who you might end up finding at the Hotel Cafe Royal, let alone putting your arms around.


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