Hotel 41 London Reviewed – Buckingham Palace Road

Hotel 41 London Reviewed – Buckingham Palace Road

I am a big fan of small boutique hotels, because they can be classy and intimate, I feel like I am home away from home. Hotel 41 is a hotel like this and it is literally a slow 10 min walk from Victoria Station, situated on Buckingham Palace Road. The access to central London such as Knightsbridge and Piccadilly circus is not far at all.

Hotel 41 is house in an Edwardian building filled with original wood-paneling, opposite the side entrance to Buckingham Palace. It is also a 5-minute walk from the gorgeous St James’s Park. The entrance is a cosy tiny reception area and there is always someone to greet. Just like a hidden treasure to be found I was then guided throughout the boutique hotel, with my room tucked away on the 5th floor. This for me was really fun.

Executive Lounge

The reception area was actually called the executive lounge which was unusual compared to other boutique hotels. This wood-paneled area is where I checked in, where I had breakfast and where a I consumed a generous supply of complimentary snacks which were served all day. Yes the staff were always there to serve me which was really a nice touch of excellent service.

Snacks included fresh fruit, crisps, and a selection of dried fruit & nuts, sweets, chocolates, toffees, small tubs of Judes ice cream, freshly baked scones with jam and clotted cream, and evening canapés. The evening canapés had to be one of the best I’ve experienced so far, amongst all of my hotels the quality of food was delicious.

The moment I entered I noticed the staff were young and friendly which was refreshing to see. I liked interacting with the interns and to understand how modern boutiques were embracing youth within the hotel industry. Now one of my treats was meeting, Steve Jones who apart from the spoiling me with champagne, was trending a very cool vintage pair of eye wear. Steve also wore suits that should inspire any guy observing that no matter what age you’re, embracing and showcasing your personal style is what it is all about. As editor of MenStyleFashion when staff look fabulous and the suits are actually tailored made, then my stay is complete. In today’s world of luxury it is important that one takes the time to engage with the very people that are serving you. This makes your stay memorable, thanks Steve you won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

I am a big lover of fresh flowers and I noticed  fresh flowers all around the executive lounge. What I also found very different and not common was the fresh fruit that was situated through out the hotel, even in the lobby. Now London was super hot that day and when I entered those strawberries were too inviting to miss out on. Just a tip when you’re eating strawberries, ask Steve to pour some champagne, as strawberries bring out the flavour of the champagne.

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The Executive Lounge had a glass roof for bright breakfasts. The area is in such an exquisite environment and had unusual options to seat, it was a nice way to make your stay feel like home away from home. The scramble eggs were delicious and once again the food presented was to a very high standard. The options for hot meals was endless and most of it very healthy.

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Junior Suite

I loved the split level concept of the Junior Suite as it gave me plenty of room to spread out my wardrobe in this case for the London Fashion Week. Space for me was important to make sure all deliveries and clothing were all in top shape for this big event. On the lower level there was a spacious lounge for relaxing, eating, and entertaining, which I did for my business clients. This concept was great because you can have private space if there is more that one of you. In my case I liked to get up early and make noise and I could, without disturbing anyone else.

These eye catching black and white suites were homely as well as stylish. A great opportunity to get some nice lifestyle shots in here. It was very hot in London during my stay but there was an open fireplace which would be fabulous in winter. An open fire place in rooms is not common at all and I loved the concept.

On the upper level, there was a luxuriously bedroom, with plenty of soft furnishings with a massive handmade mattress. There was no chance of me falling out of this king size bed, it was an endless luxury of comfort, that easily could fit four people in it. I liked the comprehensive entertainment unit, loved the iPhone docks where music was playing whilst working. The working desk was comfortable, big enough and cosy. This was important for me as I am always working in my hotel room.



I loved the marble bathroom and I adored the penhaligons toiletries, they were real quality products. I am a big fan of Victorian inspired showers and in this case I had two options to play about with. A separate shower or a shower within the bath tub. I love wit hen they give you over the top options like this because for me it is all about the experience you are greeted with in the world of luxury. For me that is what luxury experiences should be about. The water pressure was strong and there was plenty of hot water too.

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Sister Restaurant BBar

I was exhausted as I had a mammoth trip back from Bali to France via Andorra and then back to London. So having this option where the sister restaurant BBar was literally next door was excellent. You can’t actually have a full meal within the executive lounge and if you’re looking for great atmosphere and high quality food, then the BBar is great It is a South African bar owned by the Red Carnation Hotel. The menu is international, but with a strong South African accent lent by dishes like Springbok fillet, grilled Boerewors sausages and Bobotie Spring Rolls. I opted for a fillet steak which was delicious. For those wine lovers, the two bars serve an impressive 110 wines (over 50 by the glass) from an eclectic list of old and new world producers including Bouchard Finalyson, a vineyard in South Africa, also belonging to The Red Carnation Hotel Collection. For those passionate cocktail lovers they serve over 60 cocktails, from the classics to the more exotic. It had a fabulous atmosphere and got me into a nice mood.



I am a huge lover of boutique hotels in London because they offer an intimate stay showcasing Britain’s interior design.  Hotel 41 was of a very high standard and the customer service was second to none. I was very demanding at times due to my week and felt I could ask the staff for anything at anytime of the day. Nothing was ever too much trouble. So me running around at 4 am asking for a staff member to help me with a cup of tea let alone some social media shots, was never an chore for anyone involved. I had a sore throat, so at 5 am a nice ginger and honey tea was taken to my room. For me this was luxury at its best, because it served me personally and met my needs. You can have the best looking boutique hotel in London, but if your staff don’t match regarding being their for you, then for me it makes your stay less appealing. Thank you to all the staff for helping me when times got stressed.  Thanks for such a great stay.


  • Room reviewed: Junior Suite – From £323
  • Website:
  • Address:  41 Buckingham Palace Rd, London SW1W 0PS, United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 (0)20 7300 0041

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