Hotel Molitor Paris – Mgallery Collection

Hotel Molitor Paris – Mgallery Collection

It was the last day for Paris Fashion Week and I was staying at the Molitor Hotel. I had heard a lot about the Molitor Hotel before, it was for 60 years the most popular pool in Paris. The hotel has two huge pools and the galas it held and also its avant-garde message are amazing. This is a hotel that breathes fashion for sure.

The Molitor Paris is part of the MGallery collections of hotels from Accor Hotels. MGallery are the boutique hotels with unique personalities for a remarkable travel experience. The personality of this hotel is the art deco design and the historic 1930 indoor pool. The interior design of the hotel was redone in 2014 by Jean Philippe Nuel.

Besides the pools the hotel’s other attractions are the roof terrace which is open from May till September and the Clarins spa. The hotel is next to the Parc Des Princes which is the stadium of Paris St Germain football club and the Stade Jaen Bouin home of French Rugby. The hotel is also close to the huge Bois de Boulogne, a park that was the fromer hunting ground for the Kings of France.


Now in December MenStyleFashion held its first Luxury Week London and part of that was driving a Bentley around for seven days. So when I entered I could not stop noticing the vintage Rolls Royce parked in the reception area. I though a photo shoot was a must and the message was all about interior design, fashion and lots of colour.

The reception boasts a huge amount of design corners, where you can hide away waiting for family, friends or business clients. Yes this was a perfect place for having a meeting let alone a photo shoot. The other thing I noticed when entering the hotel was the smell, it was beautiful and just invigorates your energy. Every where you go that smell lingers on.

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The Pool

During my six day stay in Paris it was minus five and I was walking those street to see how men were dressed. Now I read about this pool and was excited to see what all the rage was about. Now I did not know there was an indoor pool too so walking to the access of the pool I could not believe that this hotel had two huge pools. So you have two options which is amazing. Swimming indoors in a 1930s historical pool is very trendy indeed. Diving into the outdoor pool, which is open all year round and heated to 28°C, is the perfect distress. I had walked over 70 km that week and my back was aching. After 30 minutes of swimming and looking up at the sky, it was the best experience I have ever had during winter regarding swimming. I was giggling most of my swim.

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The Spa by Clarins,  is lovely and the products they have here are also used in your room. My favourite was the conditioner which is amazing for your hair. The sauna is small but the main attractions are the pools. There is a hammam which has two rooms, one for women and one for men which is super cool.

Deluxe Room

The room I was staying at was a Deluxe Room, which had a queen size bed with pool view. The room had a decent size of 26 m2 (280 sqft) and basted things like a 40″ TV, free WIFI, and to my delight, a Nespresso machine. There was also a Bose iPod docking station which was excellent to end Paris Fashion Week in style chilling out to my favourite tunes. Also here the bathroom stocked Clarins products with my favourite one the conditioner. Of course with the swimming pool the epicentre of the hotel there were bathrobes and slippers which were perfect.

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Breakfast & Buffet

I am a huge fan of coffee and I have to say this hotel served the best cappuccino I have ever had in France, so breakfast got of to a good start. The view of the pool was also another perfect way to start your day. The array of food on offer is plenty and delicious.

The gourmet restaurant welcomes a guest MOF (Best Craftsman of France) every season to work together with chef Julien Mercier. Together the duo create menus to showcase the best of French cuisine.

I was hear on a Sunday and in the evening they have a buffet, I normally like a la carte, but this was excellent and well worth it. For me the fresh oysters and the snails are a must treat.

Molitor Hotel Paris AccorHotels MenStyleFashion photography Gracie Opulanza 2016 (16)

Restaurant view

Molitor Hotel Paris AccorHotels MenStyleFashion photography Gracie Opulanza 2016 (1) - Copy

Photo Shoot

Whilst staying at the hotel it came to no surprise to find a photo shoot happening here. I spoke to the photographer and they were doing a Christian Dior photo shoot. Obviously I respected the shoot and I just want to give you a teaser of why you could host your own shoot here too. The swimming pool area was been painted with some cool art work by Maest who is from France.

Molitor Hotel Paris AccorHotels MenStyleFashion photography Gracie Opulanza 2016 (10)

My stay at the Molitor Hotel was amazing, and I have not stayed in a hotel where there is so much to do. The pools are just bliss and so much fun. During Paris Fashion Week I was so proud to be staying here as it suited our magazine and the social media marketing role we play. This hotel edifies what we stand for luxury living and dressing in style at all times.


  • Room reviewed – Deluxe Room Pool View – from €275.50
  • Website:
  • Address: 13 Rue Nungesser et Coli, 75016 Paris, France
  • Telephone: +33 1 56 07 08 50

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