How 5G Can Favor Your Small Business In 2020

How 5G Can Favor Your Small Business In 2020

December 17, 2019 5G mobile network is not something new. But the thing is that in 2020 it is probably going to take off. And your business can benefit from it. Here are some ideas on how to use 5G in favor of your small business

5G Can Make Your Small Business Fast

Compared to 4G, CNET predicts that 5G will be up to 100 times faster. And that’s a lot. Balys Kriksciunas, CEO of web hosting company Hostinger, explains: “The speed of your Internet impacts how quickly employees access emails or find important information. It also affects the customers’ experience when they access content on your website.”

5G can make various parts of your business faster. If your company has chat support that is always online, the better network will make it work flawlessly. Videoconferences can be more productive without lagging. Fast file sharing boosts business efficiency. And rapid payment processing guarantees that there won’t be lost purchases because of the sluggish speed.

5G Technology

5G Can Make Your Work Remote

Medium states that by 2035, more than 1B people will be working remotely. And 5G has an essential role in this presumption. “With 5G, remote workers will have greater access to remote access software so that they can more easily communicate and collaborate with colleagues as well as work more effectively” – writes HR Daily Advisor.

5G Can Make Your Costs Lower

This benefit has several different reasons behind it. One of them was already mentioned – remote working. While 5G makes it easier for people to work from anywhere they want, it cuts the office costs. Talking about offices, Business Matters Magazine suggests that “5G could help your business save money because you can implement a number of sensors to help monitor and track occupancy, lighting, and temperature.“

5G Can Make Your Small Business Data Safer

This one is a little bit more technical. The improved safety comes from 5G network slicing. To explain it further, network slicing makes every connection independent and isolated. So if a cyberattack breaches one virtual network, the attack won’t spread to another network. Forbes states that “With 5G, the user’s identity and location are encrypted, making them impossible to identify or locate from the moment they get on the network.”

5G Can Make Your Small Business Innovative

Up until now, bigger businesses had an advantage in creating innovations, because they had more resources for that. But the implementation of 5G can be helpful for smaller firms to develop innovations at a lower cost. Equinix suggests that “Businesses will be able to more easily experiment with and leverage disruptive technologies such as drones, artificial intelligence, robotics, and others.”

5G Can Improve Your Reality

Augmented reality isn’t exactly an innovation. For example, museums are already using it to present additional content for exhibits. Interior designers also use AR to virtually place furniture in a room to see how it matches.

But 5G can make it accessible in a way more various circumstances. ZDNet writes that “With 5G, the ability to use AR in live, outdoor environments away from reliable wi-fi signals can influence the types of interactions and integrations that developers can build.”

With the new year just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to plan on how to make your small business better. And 5G brings various opportunities to do exactly that.

It can make your work faster and, therefore, more efficient. It can create better conditions for remote working. This and the implementation of the 5G sensors can help to lower your costs. The 5G comes with network slicing, and it makes your confidential data safer. 5G lets you work on innovations cheaper. One of the best examples is the augmented reality that can bring your business to another level.

Be curious and explore the possibilities the 5G can bring to your business! Protection Status

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