After more than 35 years, the movie “Casino” is still an important reference to cinema and Martin Scorsese’s filmography. Its main plot, developed within the classic gambling industry, highlighted the atmosphere of Las Vegas in the 70s and 80s, and the costumes were a fundamental part of the film’s realism.

The evolution of the casino industry from the movie

The movie was released in 1995, years before the online casino market started. New generations probably don’t know that the characters in “Casino” are based on real people and that they were an important part of how the casino business was built in Las Vegas.

Perhaps today the costumes used in the movie seem a bit exaggerated, however, it was an extremely important factor to give realism to the movie at that time. 

It is no coincidence that until today, online blackjack is one of the most popular games at Leon Casino or Sportaza, because it is one of the most classic casino games in the industry and with its new adaptations to technology, it has attracted more generations. The digital version of games like this one, no longer forces players to wear their best outfit to gamble, as it was done in the era in which the movie is set.

Sharon Stone’s stunning look

The renowned actress Sharon Stone was in charge of giving life to the character of Ginger McKenna for which she is still recognized to this day. On one occasion, Stone said in an interview that she did a lot of research work to play this character.

In fact, she said that she still keeps a folder with all the information she gathered about Geri McGee to build the character. Geri McGee is the real person that inspired her character in the movie.

Something that helped considerably in playing the character, was all the wardrobe work that was done to give the actress a transformation and get the look she needed. In order to do this, they had to make exact replicas of the clothes the person wore in real life.

The result seen on screen is quite an achievement, representing the emotional situation of the character in her wardrobe, without leaving aside her economic situation.

De Niro chose his ties

If there is something Robert De Niro is known for, besides being one of the best actors in history, is that he pays a lot of attention to his wardrobe and the accessories he has to use when playing his characters.

In the case of Ace Rothstein, his character in Casino, De Niro was very insistent on the importance of choosing a specific tie for each scene. So as a curious fact, you should know that it was De Niro who dedicated himself to choosing the ties he wore during the movie.

It is important to mention that Martin Scorsese, director of the movie, has a great influence on fashion since his family was involved in the garment industry, so he insisted on having direct participation in all the decisions that will be taken regarding fashion and costumes in the movie.

Casino is a film that can be used as an example of how fashion is an important element in film. With the theme of this specific film, they had a great success, because they knew how to reflect on screen the influence of fashion in casinos, which served to give much more credibility to the plot and its characters.