How Fashionable Men Can Stay Stylish While Traveling

How Fashionable Men Can Stay Stylish While Traveling

If you’re used to having plenty of time and choice available to you when crafting a fashion-forward outfit at home, trying to look just as good when you’re travelling can be rather tricky for even the most frequent flyer.

Being limited to only what you have on you and often having to guess what weather conditions you’ll face means you have to plan well and get your packing down to a fine art. This is particularly the case when you don’t want to lug around a ridiculously oversized and weighty suitcase for your whole trip. If you follow a few simple tips, though, you can remain fashionable while you’re away, whether for work or pleasure.

Choose Colors Wisely

To pack less in your suitcase yet still look good every day, choose clothing colors wisely. Pack items that go together well, which you can mix and match. This way, you’ll easily create multiple outfits from select pieces. Stick with dark colors on either your tops or bottoms and bright shades on the other half. For instance, you might pack all dark pants, and then only lighter, brighter tees and shirts for your top. By sticking with this scheme, everything will work together more effectively and stylishly, and you won’t have to pack as much.

Also, it helps to opt for solid colors in your travel gear. While you might have a lot of t-shirts in your closet with designs on them, these are less versatile when you’re living out of a suitcase for a time (and, let’s face it, don’t do much to ramp up the style factor).

You can’t wear these types of tops everywhere, so they have limited use. However, a plain colored tee or shirt is more versatile. A solid-shaded shirt works with a pair of board shorts and flip-flops for beach days, and with chinos or jeans on a night out. You can also dress it up with accessories.

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Pack a Few High-Quality Shirts

Every suitcase needs a few high-quality shirts in it. If heading off for a beach vacation, pack some tees, but even for this kind of more casual trip, you’ll still want dressier shirts with you too. When packing for a city vacay or time away for work, you’ll need even more stylish shirts on hand.

For example, pack at least one or two well-fitting men’s polo shirts. Polos are comfortable like t-shirts yet dressier, too. With their collars, they’ll get you into clubs and restaurants where a collar is a requirement for entry. Polo shirts also work well when you need an outfit to take you from day tonight.

Also, pack some button-down shirts, such as the Henley style. These are thin and light and don’t take up much space in your suitcase, but amp up the style stakes considerably. They pair nicely with shorts or long pants and sneakers or dress shoes and suit days exploring a new city, a casual dinner out, or even a day of hiking since many are made from moisture-wicking material. You may also like to pack a linen or chambray shirt, one or more business shirts, and an overshirt.

Add a Jacket

When travelling outside of the winter months, many guys don’t think to pack a jacket. However, styling your ensembles while away is easier if you add a jacket to your luggage. There’s a range of options you can pop into your suitcase that will dress up a basic outfit without looking too stuffy. Even a simple tee-and-shorts look is transformed with a casual jacket added on top.

Look effortlessly cool by popping on a soft linen blazer, cool leather jacket, a traditional sports jacket, or even a lightworker jacket. Jackets are also handy in that they give you extra pockets to store gear when you’re out and about. Plus, when you’re flying on an airline with restrictive carry-on limits, you can put heavier bits and pieces in your jacket pockets and wear the jacket on board to keep your bag’s weight down.

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Don’t Forget Accessories

When packing, many men don’t add enough accessories. Yet, if you want to look fashionable while you’re travelling, accessorizing is essential. Items such as sunglasses, hats, scarves, watches, jewelry, ties and the like are light and small and won’t take up much space in your bag, but can do you a favour by changing the overall look of your outfits.

Accessories are often practical, too, such as sunglasses and hats when you’re out in the sun all day sightseeing or relaxing at the beach. Add some stylish accessories to your bag for your next trip away, and you’ll soon look more like a fashionable local than a tired tourist.

Travelling is fun but can also be stressful. By following the tips above, you can relax knowing that no matter where you go or what ups and downs you face, you’ll look cool, calm, and collected doing it. Protection Status

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