Camo Fashion – The 5 Must Have Items To Buy

Camo Fashion – The 5 Must Have Items To Buy


Camo Fashion

It is with little irony that I begin this article by stating the explosion of camouflage in the fashion world has crept up upon me unseen but the fact it, I never saw it coming. Camo, in its many guises – desert, jungle, urban warfare – has oft had a love affair with the fashion world but like a stealth bomber or Royal Navy Marine, it has landed full in my face without forewarning.

Camo is back and back with a vengeance. From superstar rappers such as Jay-Z and Kanye West in Bathing Ape (or BAPE to the aficionados) t-shirts, to brands including Valentino and Saucony producing trainers in a fine array of colours, all paying homage to the military uniform, camo has stolen a march on tie-dye as the seasons go to style.

Here at MenStyleFashion we pick out a few of the best pieces for the coming months.

French brand A.P.C are renowned for creating clean lines, slim silhouettes and classic pieces which help to define the sophistication attached to French elegance. Time and time again the brand produce timeless classics that has us all salivating…then they surprise us all by throwing in a curve-ball. And that’s exactly what they’ve done with this 70’s Army jacket. Based on classic tailoring and army design, the use of camouflage brings this jacket very much in to the modern world and because of its archetypal design, works alongside both classic and contemporary pieces.



Valentino Trainers

Ok, so these trainers have been doing the rounds for some time now (I wrote about them a few months back) but I couldn’t resist reminding you all of their existence, I just love them too much. It doesn’t matter if its summer or winter, these trainers are perfect. Pair them with a slim black suit, stick them with your jeans, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, you’ll always look good wearing these.

Valentino Trainers Sneakers 2013

Stussy Camo Collection

Skate brand Stussy have long ploughed a healthy furrow in to the streetwear fashion stakes and once again they have upped the ante with an entire range dedicated to camouflage. From t-shirts to shorts, sweaters to pumps, this camo collection is sure to go down a hit on skate ramps and sidewalks the world over.

Camo Lander stussy 2013

camo bags men camouflage 2013

Bape 1st Camo Polo

When it comes to high-brow street style, no one does it quite like the Japanese and when it comes to Japanese street style, no one does it quite like A Bathing Ape (BAPE). The kings of the street always lead where others follow and if they’re producing camo collections, you can bet your bottom dollar everyone else will be hot on their heels. The Camo polo is typical of BAPE – take a classic piece of clothing and add your own twist. They say simplicity is genius, BAPE would appear to agree.

Bape-1st Camo Polo Tops 2013

There you have it, camo done and dusted and ready for action. It won’t always be here, and maybe that’s just the way it should be, but if you’re looking for something to grab your attention this season then get yourself some camo before it decides to go AWOL. Oh, and one last point, unless you are in the armed forces or playing paintball, camouflage trousers should never be worn. That’s an order.

Gsus Sindustries

It’s Gracie Opulanza here. Whilst in Amsterdam last week they were literally hanging out these suits. Can I say they feel and look nothing short of bloody wicked. If you can afford the whole collection go nuts. You can mix and match these pieces. The suits jacket are very tight fitting but don’t go up a size. In fact these jackets look great really tight on guys.



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