Work Fashion – Comfortable Clothing Tips

Work Fashion – Comfortable Clothing Tips

Do we judge a book by it’s cover?

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” Mark Twain’s statement, though plainly said, is very true. We all live in a society that judges a book by its cover and since man’s first cover is his clothes, he has to be extra careful in the way he manages his appearance. Fortunately, people have learnt overtime that if they are going to be taken serious, they have to dress serious. This consciousness has done more harm than good to some people though. People now discard their comfort in an attempt to ‘dress well’. This article teaches how to create balance between dressing well and dressing comfortably.  So relax and learn to dress comfortably well.

Just Before Your Dress Up

Dressing up is not just throwing on what you see; it is consciously describing yourself through your clothes. There are things you need to be aware of before you step out of your house in that clothing. Below are important tips that will influence or determine the way you dress to work or anywhere else.

Work Fashion - Comfortable Clothing Tips

Cloth Per Environment

It is expedient to start at the point of defining our work environment. Although all men work, in different environments with different dress codes and different codes of conduct. Some employers give a strict dress code for all its employees. The type or kind of dress code in each organization will determine the flexibility of the employees’ way of dressing. Also, there are some work environments that though they engage in formal activities, the atmosphere is usually casual. Therefore what you wear to work or the way you dress to work is largely dependent on your work environment.

Style And Individuality

Trying not to get lost in the everyday hassle of going to work can be difficult. No matter the restriction your workplaces on your wardrobe, if your dressing doesn’t reflect your individuality, you will end up looking shabby after combining the best of your wardrobe. Dressing up is not just picking up the available cloth or the most expensive kind of suits; it is wearing what suits you. A suit that does not reflect your personality and individuality will never suit you.

Not forgetting that the aim of this article is to help you learn how to dress comfortably well, the most important point to keep with you always is that you can never be comfortable dressing like someone else. You just have to learn to blend your personality with the dress code of your organization (if there is any).

Dressing Up Is Important

“Dress like you have made something of yourself, even if you have not.” Men’s health.

Some men think it is not manly to dress meticulously, this is very wrong. Gone are the days when the sweaty musky smell and random clothes are sexy. These days, neat clothes, nice and clean scents are the definition of manly and attractive. You need to take care of your appearance if you want to be addressed well and respected as a man. O’Rourke really understood this concept before saying ‘looking good is not self-importance; it is self-respect’. It shows you care about what is going on in your life and around you.

Work Fashion - Comfortable Clothing Tips


“The poor covers himself, the rich man or the fool adorns himself, and the elegant man gets dressed.”Honore de Balzac.

Thankfully, dressing up does not necessarily mean dressing expensively. There are clothes that are pocket friendly and still perfect for you. You just have to cut your coat according to your clothing.

Not having a fat bank account is not an excuse to dress wrongly or shabbily to work. You cannot just wear what you see! You have to think, be creative before you dress up.

It’s Not About Trend

In an attempt to dress well, many men shoot themselves in the leg by trying to follow the last trend without having a correct understanding of it. You can end up doing it all wrong when you try to keep with the trend. You just have to develop your style and know what is good for you first. The tricky thing about fashion is that it never stays put for long. So rushing with the fashion trend may leave you dizzy after a while and you still end up looking tacky.

The Art Of Dressing Up

The fact is, every man finds it difficult finding the right combination for the right occasion. Everyone struggles. If you have experienced disastrous dress up attempt before, it can be scary to try again but the fact is you just have to try again. This time you won’t have to do it alone. Follow these tips and you will be glad you did.

Let’s start with the types of corporate dress codes; these can suit any occasion especially work.

This is largely dependent on the formal status of your organization. It is really inadvisable to dress casual to a formal setting. This could be disastrous. Some fashion industries, allow their workers to dress as it suits them in order to bring out individual worker’s personality while it is highly prohibited to even attempt casual to some organizations. No matter the status of the organization, the best thing to do is not dress too casual.

For example casual pants, slacks, clean-cut jeans with polos or sweaters or pullovers. Go with suitable but clean shoes like loafers or sneakers. If you want to use an accessory, a normal wristwatch will do. Don’t overdo it by adding neck chains and all that.

Business Casual

This is very common and preferable for many employees. This is because it allows them to be creative; it shows each employee’s individuality and is suitable for official settings. It is important to know the level of informal dressing allowed in your organization before you dress up.

For example collared button-ups make sure you don’t wear extravagant patterns.  Checks or stripe is good enough for business casual. Pullovers and sweaters worn on a shirt are also cool for this kind of dressing.  Dressy shoes or oxford goes with business casual.

Being a Business professional; is something you might want to wear to make an impression. It is formal but not uptight. It is also traditional and conservative.

For example: you can go for a single button suit with simple patterns on dress pants. Ties should be included but the choice of the pattern depends on you. Buttoned up shirt with cufflinks and a gold or silver wristwatch is a perfect match. Shoes should be conservative loafers or oxfords.

Being formal means this is the last kind of dress code and it is the most official of all. You might want to wear this to a business meeting with new clients or to a very official meeting where you need to make a high impression. Formal does not necessarily mean uptight so it is important you try as much as possible to wear something you feel free in.

For example, a tailored neutral coloured suit with bright coloured ties on a button-up shirt spells formal. With these, you wear oxford shoes and don’t even attempt loafers.

Dressing Down

You need to be comfortable in whatever it is you wear so don’t ever try to wear an uncomfortable, too tight or too loose clothes just because you want to satisfy the dress code of your workplace. The tip is to check out the acceptable dress code at your place of work with the HR. Then you find a comfortable limit and then be yourself. Protection Status

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