How to Achieve a Healthy Relationship in a Digital Age

How to Achieve a Healthy Relationship in a Digital Age

In attempt to make life ‘’hassle-free’’, more productive, convenient and my all-time favourite; funny word… EASY, we have permitted ourselves to fall into a vacuum that allows little to no time for any, one on one, human connection. As much as there is no offense or passing of judgement intended behind this rather unexpected opening few lines, it stems from a truly sincere; unbiased place. While the intention behind the introduction of technology may have been a good one, you would agree that everything like everyone has their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, while human interaction may be scarce these days, there is still hope for a brighter more humane future, and it all starts here. Beginning with yourself and the relationship you’re in.

The Road Less Travelled

As mentioned above, the word EASY does not exist, even more so in a healthy relationship. Not to sound pessimistic but life itself was never meant to be or intended to be EASY. This holds equally true in a healthy relationship, which is probably how the phrase ‘’life is a roller-coaster ride” was coined. Meaning you will find ups and downs at any given time or place in life as well as regarding relationships of any kind. Once you are able to accept this fact and are comfortable with this notion, only then can you move on to experience and even enjoy the other elements associated with a healthy relationship in a digital age.


Scouts Honour

If you’ve ever been a Scout or in the Girl Guide, remember the pledge? To promise to honestly do your best, to do your duty to god and country, other people and yourself? Even in day to day activities, a scout’s honour would be incomplete without truthfulness. This can be found in many other areas of life including, being an ingredient that sweetens any type of healthy relationship. For some this would be easier said than done, while for others easy peasy. However what is important to remember is that to be honest or truthful with your partner does not mean not having any privacy for yourself. It’s best to maintain a balance between being honest and yet having privacy or alone time, so long as how you spend this time does not affect your level of honesty in the relationship.

Common Ground

This is perhaps the best and safest part that is agreeable to both partners. The ability to share and enjoy common ground. This could be same or even similar interests, hobbies, sports and entertainment choices, just about anything. This is best celebrated and nurtured so that even a healthy relationship can get healthier. Think communication opportunities. Having a discussion or even a healthy debate on a subject enjoyed by the both of you. As a rule of thumb it’s best to choose subjects for discussion wisely, so as to avoid an argument or even harmless comments that may offend or upset the other person. Subjects related to politics, religion or gender for instance ought to be avoided completely.

Different is Good Too

Just as you enjoy sharing a common ground, mutual traits or even similar interests, surely there will be differences of any kind, shape or form that you should respect. Especially if the difference/s matters highly to your partner or are something that is difficult or impossible to change. As it is often said ‘’opposites attract’’ so this trait, though possessing differences, should be turned around by focusing on the positive factor rather than the negative. A snoring hubby should not be slam-dunked to the floor any more than a talkative wife should be ridiculed or insulted. The more you exercise acceptance in this or any other aspect of your relationship, you will experience growth and further depth that help in achieving and strengthening a healthy relationship. If you want to takes risks online,  such as UK registered casino.

Make sure you be honest with your partner.

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The Gift of Understanding

A word that isn’t new or unheard of and makes a world of difference to any situation or person. Another easy said than done quality, but one with many benefits. Understanding in truth can range from anywhere between being thoughtful and seeing whatever it is from the other person’s point of view. Or at least trying to. If she says there was a traffic jam for about half an hour, a good response that underlines understanding, would be ‘’that’s really awful’’, as opposed to ‘’you could have just taken another route instead”. In responding with a dash of understanding many an argument can be avoided. Though sometimes one would say an argument or friendly debate may help grow and nurture the relationship, this may not hold true to every such situation.

The above may have just touched on five of the most important ingredients for a healthy relationship in a digital age, however; there are plenty more that can be discovered through these five mentioned above. The key is to be willing to take a few steps back just so you both can enjoy many jumps forward as a resulting reward. Most healthy relationships can be best referred to as a dance that often involves stepping on toes every now and then, a twirl here and a spin there, a flick of the hair and all the while being in a loving embrace.

Fun Facts: Ways to grow together and build a deeper more meaningful relationship can be achieved through reading together, possibly even talking about the book from two or more angles. Cooking together, even if it’s once or twice a week and most of all making plans together so both of you are able to understand and appreciate those tid-bits that would have gone unnoticed where you discover more about your partner and the ideas, thoughts and ambitions attached.

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