How to Be Fun and Stylish for This Christmas Season

How to Be Fun and Stylish for This Christmas Season

The most wonderful time of the year is soon to be upon us. Before you even realize, your family will start making plans for the big dinner, snow will be trickling down the busy streets decorated in full holiday glory, and passers-by will be rushing from store to store in order to surprise their loved ones with a thoughtfully chosen gift.

Was this enough to make your face glowing with a giddy smile full of excitement? Did you get those goosebumps yet? That’s what we thought.

With Christmas approaching, you might start wondering what to wear for the most important occasion of the year. Look no further! This Christmas season will be all about experimenting and drama, where everything looking a little bit high fashion runway style could easily be turned into a ready-to-wear outfit. We’ve made a list of ideas to get you inspired in no time.

Party Like It’s the 80s

You can never go wrong with a classy and elegant outfit at a Christmas party, and this year is no different. The biggest inspiration for the latest fashion trends comes directly from the 80’s glam looks, which makes it almost impossible to be “over-styled”. The oversized blazer is a must-have for this outfit, and you can basically pair it up with everything. Think of it as just another type of a long coat, add a shirt or a knit underneath, a pair of tailored pants or your most comfortable jeans, and you’re ready to rock that Christmas dinner. This is one look where you actually don’t have to worry about how your hair looks, in fact, the messier it is, the better.


Cozy in Plaid

Who would dare say anything against plaid being a true Christmas classic? As the days grow darker and shorter, and the temperatures drop down, the vibrant summer colors are instantly replaced with all sorts of plaid patterns.

Historically speaking, plaid began as a winter garment, a winter cloak used to warm the brave hearts of Scotsmen ever since the 1700s. It became popular in Britain and the US in the 19th century and was later on associated with the British punk movement of the 80s and the grunge that took over Seattle in the 90s. As a staple of the anti-establishment wardrobe, it was immortalized by Judd Nelson’s character, who wore a plaid shirt in The Breakfast Club, and by members of the grunge and punk bands like Nirvana, and Pearl Jam. So, embrace the rich history of plaid and make it your Christmas choice this year.

As for the hair, long hairstyles are definitely back this season! If you feel brave enough to try and pull them off, aim for Kurt Cobain’s look from the early ‘90s, with the messy shoulder-length hair. The best thing about grunge hair is that it mostly takes care of itself.


Christmas in a Suit

It often happens that you’re not sure whether you need to dress a bit more casually or super formal for a holiday.

Have you ever tried to search the web or ask the shop assistant only to be offered to wear something labeled as “business casual”? What is that anyway?

We can all agree that there are many Christmas outfits that you can choose from. Most of them seem to suggest that the beauty of this holiday is in the possibility to erase the gap between formal and casual. The key is in the great variety of festive patterns on both men and women’s suits, which allows you to look both smart and as if you have a sense of humor. You can wear one of these Christmas outfits to bring holiday aesthetics to the office, or at your family dinner to entertain any sulky relatives. Who knows, maybe this suit will also show your date that you’re not afraid to be yourself – and stylish too!


Try Out a Hipster Look

Why not try experimenting with a hipsterish look this Christmas? It’s always fun to mix old and new styles, not to mention it’s money-saving since all you need to do is to rummage your parents’ closet or visit the closest thrift shop.

Even though the 70s were heavily present in fashion trends last autumn/winter season, some of their staple pieces are still present on the runways. That’s the case with flare pants, baggy jeans, and psychedelic shirts. When it comes to materials, winter calls for warm velvet or velour jackets. Think of David Bowie in his glam rock phase. Although truth be told, Bowie could get away with any fashion style.

This outfit gives you the freedom to mix colors and patterns and show off that clothing piece you’ve been hiding in your wardrobe for so long.

Some Last Words

Whatever your outfit choice is this year, make sure it’s something you’ll feel comfortable in. Don’t just blindly follow fashion trends that don’t work for you. Remember, ultimately, style is more about how you’re wearing something, rather than what you’re wearing. Protection Status

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