For men, there may not be a more daunting task or challenge than having to pick out a diamond for their other half.

Diamonds can be a rather complex jewel and one that can require a lot of expert knowledge that an uneducated person simply will not have. Whilst women may not generally have that level of expertise either, they are more likely to know about diamonds and the characteristics that each gem has.

Admittedly, there is typically a large amount of pressure that can come with diamonds, with the gemstone generally signifying something of importance, such as an engagement or wedding ring, or it could also be part of an anniversary gift.

Despite being rather valuable and an iconic symbol of love and romance, a diamond can be found almost everywhere because of its reputation around the world. For instance, there have been a number of films that have used diamonds as the key to their storyline, whilst there are a number of casino games that feature diamonds as well, with card games featuring the symbol, as well as slot games that utilize the classic icon in a variety of ways.

Now, whilst they may be everywhere, men may still feel rather intimidated by the prospect of having to buy one for their other half, which is where this guide comes in handy. Those that are able to remember the four C’s that should be followed – cut, carat weight, clarity and colour – will be on the right track, though.


One of the first things that many will look at regarding a diamond is the way in which it is cut, with a variety of different ways in which this can be accomplished. For many different pieces of jewellery, there will be a popular choice, but this does not always mean it will be the favoured option for the individual it is being bought for.

To name a few, there are princess cuts and round brilliant cuts that can traditionally be found on rings, whilst earrings will typically include emerald and marquise cuts. Other cuts include pear, oval, radiant, cushion and heart to name a few.

In order to ensure the wrong cut is avoided, it would be best to try and find out what the favoured cut is, although this can be tricky enough depending on the situation. Perhaps steal a piece of jewellery from them that they already own and use that as an indicator.

Carat Weight

Carat weight is equally as important as the cut and getting this wrong can be rather frustrating. For those unaware, the carat weight is the size of the diamond, and like the cut, each individual person will have their own preference.

Obviously, the bigger the carat, the more expensive the diamond will be, but there are some truly spectacular gems that are available when cut in smaller sizes.

Clarity and Colour

If the other factors were not considered to be as important, the clarity and the colour will perhaps be the most important. Diamonds will typically be priced based on the clarity and the colour that they have, with a number of different grades being utilized to highlight the quality of the precious stone.

Although those looking at the stones without any aids and without any knowledge about the stone will find it difficult to know too much about the different colours and the clarity of the diamond, this can have a significant impact on the pricing, which is why it is always recommended to go to a certified expert whenever possible.

As you can see, buying a diamond is a daunting prospect, but one that can be incredibly rewarding when done properly!