How To Choose the Best Workout Shoes for Your Feet

How To Choose the Best Workout Shoes for Your Feet

If your shoes are a wrong fit, not only can they feel uncomfortable, they can also hurt your feet. Here’s how to pick the best workout shoes for your feet. Are your feet always sore after a workout? Do you have the right training shoes? If not, this could be the cause of your problems.

Your shoes make all the difference when it comes to how effective your workout is. However, with a myriad of options to choose from, finding the best workout shoes can sometimes be challenging.

This shouldn’t be a deal-breaker though. You can still find your ideal training shoes if you know what to look for. To help you, here’s a guide on what to consider when choosing the best workout shoes for your feet.

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Know Your Workout

Training shoes are designed for different types of workouts. Therefore, understand what your workout entails. Will you be walking, running, cycling, or weight lifting?

When choosing shoes for running, for instance, go for those that offer adequate support. The ideal running shoe should also provide cushioning for your heel as well as cradle your arch. That means you need to know your arch shape.

To determine the shape of your arch, step on a flat floor with a wet foot and examine the shape of your footprint. Flat-footed footprints are common with low foot arches, while high arches tend to leave narrower and curved footprints. A trained podiatrist can also help you find the right shape of your arch.

Choose motion-controlled shoes for low-arch feet and consider cushioned options for high-arch feet. Keep in mind that it’s crucial to understand what type of running you do. If you’re a heavy runner, you’ll need a shoe with more cushioning to absorb the most impact. For weight lifting, shoes with high heel lifts are recommended because they allow for deeper squats.

If your workout involves a little bit of everything including light running and some cardio exercises, a pair of multipurpose or cross-training shoes will come in handy. There’s a range of such shoes in the markets like the Adidas Superstar Heren models.

Know When to Fit

What should you look for when purchasing a pair of fitness shoes? The right fit! While most people understand that the proper shoes for training should have the perfect fit, not everyone knows when to fit the shoe.

Over 10 percent of adults experience lower leg swelling at the end of the day. This more common in people who do a lot of exercises. Therefore, visit the shoe store towards the end of the day (when your feet is a little bit bigger) to get the right fit.

Your feet will also change size as you walk or run. As such, trying on different options after your morning run will help you find the best athletic shoes.

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Consider the Amount of Traction

Traction affects stability. While most workout shoes, especially cross-training shoes, often have the right amount of traction, it’s recommended to do a traction test when shopping for the best workout shoes.

With the shoes on, try to shift your feet from one side to the other and feel their grip to the ground. The more the grip, the higher the amount of traction and the better for your workout.

What’s the Best Workout Shoes for You?

Even after you’ve found the best pair of workout shoes, get an extra pair to ensure they last. The best workout shoes should also look good on your feet and make you feel confident.

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