Jeans – Why Men Never Wash Denim

Jeans – Why Men Never Wash Denim

In a recent survey conducted by Jacamo, they found some shocking stats about jeans and the rate that men throw them into the washing basket. While it may not be surprising to some depending on who you know, it does give us some insight into the reasoning why along with some stats to support reduced washing of our jeans.

Jeans The Washing Facts

Of 1,572 men, 1 in 20 admitted that they NEVER wash their jeans. The highest percentage of men responded that they washed them monthly coming in at 24% with 21% of men stated every 2 months. While this could be quite shocking to people, part of the survey was to investigate why men would wash their jeans less. Is it down to pure laziness or is it better to wash your jeans less to keep them in better condition for longer?

Washing your jeans every few days can be harmful to both the environment and your jeans. You may end up buying jeans more regularly to be safe in the knowledge that your jeans are in a clean condition as they’re worn down from each wash. CEO of Levi, Chip Bergh, revealed recently that he’d not washed his favourite pair of jeans for over a year, a statement that shocked many and made people look at their own washing habits. Jeans differ from types as they give better fits and could fade through repeated wear without washing so it’s best to check the label of each pair for specific instructions.

Check out the infographic below to see the results of the survey and some information on how over washing your jeans could be harmful to the environment!


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