A classic men’s suit is the main component of a man’s basic closet and an essential part of his individual style. It is a piece of clothing, which should be in the closet, regardless of everyday lifestyle or age. A stylish men’s suit is a marker of success, prosperity and confidence in the future. For office workers, lawyers, businessmen, politicians and even people who enjoy the best online casino games and visit real casinos regularly, the right choice of suit is the basis of the man’s style. If you are looking for the right suit, these criteria are the most essential.


The right combination of colours in men’s clothing is a sign of good taste. To choose the colour of the men’s suit, turn to the experts’ advice, who recommend the basic colours. These are dark grey, dark blue and black.

These classic colours are perfect for special occasions. You can choose them for weddings, funerals, official meetings, as well as for everyday life if the man’s profession requires a conservative style. They are great for any time of the year. Traditional suits add elegance, and the period of use can last more than one year. The most common colour is considered navy blue.

Another basic colour of the classic men’s suit is dark brown. The times, when this colour was unacceptable in the business world, remained in the 80s of last century, and today the brown suit is very widely used. In the future, you can diversify your closet with suits of other colours.

Brown Suit

These colours of men’s suits are combined with various additions, such as shirts, ties, shoes. There are a lot of options for experimentation. When choosing colours consider individual features and lighting at the time of purchase, as well as depending on the places of further use of a particular suit. Visit Forevory for proper Funeral etiquettes.


A man should feel comfortable in a suit. This is achieved with the help of a perfectly chosen size of the suit. As not everyone can afford the tailor’s services, and official size tables often do not correspond to the physique of a particular man, you should memorize several rules.

The buttons of the jacket should button easily but not too loosely. Put your hand inside the buttoned jacket between the buttons, if the hand enters too easily, it means that the size is too big.

The jacket sleeve length should be 1-2 cm shorter than the shirt cuff, which means it ends approximately at the base of the thumb at the wrist.

Slightly tapered pants of a classic suit should fit neatly on top of the shoes, not touching the floor at the back and leaving a small fold in the front. Baggy style pants are not suitable for every man. Avoid discomfort in the waistband, which is checked with the help of squatting. For frequent use, it is better to buy several similar pants, this will allow the suit to last longer.


The quality of the material largely determines the price and the durability of the men’s suit. It is preferable to choose a fabric made of wool without any admixtures. Sometimes it is allowed to mix with mohair and cashmere. Different brand name men’s suits manufacturers use thousands of fabric choices based on customer taste, nature of use, seasonality, and many other factors. Quality wool fabric is produced in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. The best men’s suit fabric companies are located in Belgium and Italy.

Cashmere Fabric

The lining should be thin and smooth, preferably made of soft and hygroscopic viscose or acetate. Silk is undesirable. It can leave sweat stains. Information about the composition of the fabric on the top and lining can be found on the label, which is sewn on the inside of the jacket.


A tie, belt, and watch will be a great addition to your tailored suit. Don’t forget that accessories should look more expensive than your clothes. Quality and properly chosen accessories can pull or bury the weight of the image.

Pocket Square

Accessorize your suit with a pocket square