5 Tips to Easily Cut Your Hair during Quarantine

Amid an unprecedented pandemic and strict social distancing rules, you probably haven’t seen your barber in a while.

Therefore, it is understandable that your hair is wildly overgrown making you look like you’ve been plucked from the Old Stone Age era. And since desperate times call for desperate measures, you’ve realized you need to take care of it yourself.

However, put those scissors down! Why?

Because cutting hair is an art form. You can’t just jump into the deep end without a plan. Here are five easy tips to help you do a proper self-cut at home:

1. Get Yourself the Right Clipper

Like I said, cutting hair is an art form, and thus you will need a particular set of tools — chief among them, a hair clipper.

Here’s the thing. Opting for a cheap, no-name clipper might seem like the most logical thing to do. More so, considering that you won’t be playing barber forever – which is understandable.

It, however, is not the wisest route to take. Why? For starters, the clipper may snag and pull hair, stall or even break down in the middle of your haircut. And remember, all these are the secret ingredients that make for a disastrous haircut.

Therefore, I highly recommend you get yourself a professional grade clipper that is effective and durable. And if you need any help with that, start by checking out WiseBarber.com’s best hair clippers post.

2. Your Mirror Setup (and Other Tools)

The 360 degree mirror lipfisbarbershop

The 360-degree mirror @lipfisbarbershop

Quick question: can you see the back of your head? If you are like most people, then the answer is NO. However, seeing the back of your head is a must when it comes to DIY haircuts.

So, to get through this hurdle, try investing in a dual mirror setup. Essentially, have a mirror in front – mounted on a wall – and a handheld mirror to help see the back of the head.

Now, for those who want to make self-cutting a lifestyle, you can always invest in a three-way mirror.

Other tools that might be needed – to complement the clipper – are a pair of scissors and a comb. Note: If you are not a professional stylist, use scissors sparingly.

3. Choose Your Hairstyle

I know it sounds easy, but haircutting can get complicated fast if you are unsure of what you want. However, this post on cool hairstyles features several options you should consider.

Here is my advice. Since it’s your first time, don’t go with a super complicated haircut that will take ages to complete. High chances are that you’ll flop a couple of haircuts before you master that art of DIY cuts. As you become more skilful and comfortable with self-cuts, that’s when you’ll be able to try out complicated hairstyles as well.

4. Prepare a Shaving Station

So, where should you set up your shaving station? Ideally, in a well-lit room. This is usually a bathroom since you’ll have a mirror/s, optimal lighting, and readily available water to wash off once done.

Moreover, cleanup in such a room is also easy. All you’ll need is a broom. However, if you choose to set up your station elsewhere, you may need a vacuum and even a smock.

5. Have A Little Bit of Patience

Now, it might seem like a no-brainer, but this last tip is vital. Preparing for a haircut and doing it can take a toll on any man. And guess what, cutting hair requires time; and the more time you take to master DIY cuts, the more tired and frustrated you will become.

But here’s a secret: getting credit as both the craftsman and bearer of an incredible haircut is always worth it. Plus, practice makes perfect – just trust the process.


With that, you have everything you need to do your first DIY self-cut. Just make sure you use the right tools, watch a few tutorials online, and be patient. Doing so is a guaranteed way of becoming an ace home barber.