How to Keep Your Vans Shoes Look New

How to Keep Your Vans Shoes Look New

They say you can judge a man by his shoes, and you probably always want to look good. To do that, you have to keep your shoes looking fresh. Vans shoes are stylish, comfortable, and affordable. Their only potential drawback is they can, like any other shoe, look worn out after a while. While many claim that you can refresh old pairs and make them look new, the best thing you can do is keep them from needing refreshing in the first place. Shoe care may be something you give little to no thought to, but it can keep you looking good and save you money in the long run.

Here is how you can keep your Vans shoes looking new for as long as possible.

Use Shoe Trees

Poor storage of shoes is a leading contributing factor to their wear and tear. Vans have really firm, stiff bases, but their top parts are usually flimsy — it’s what makes them so comfy — and those parts can often lose their shape or become creased. Fortunately, shoe trees can remedy this. Shoe trees are foot-shaped objects that you insert in your shoes to keep them from losing their shape. They are often made of wood, which helps absorb moisture and keeps the shoes from smelling.

Alternate Pairs

Alternate the shoes you wear on a daily basis to reduce any wear and tear. This sounds so simple, but if you wear a pair of shoes less often it keeps them looking new for longer. If you are partial to a certain pair, buy 2 identical ones to wear them as often as you want. The retail specialists at vans hk online shop recommend shopping around to get enough pairs to suit anything in your closet at affordable prices. That way, you can stay stylish and get more use out of every pair.

Keep them Dry

While we all want our Vans to look, and more importantly, smell new and fresh. What makes shoes and feet smell bad is moisture. When it dries, this moisture allows for the growth of bacteria, which creates a pungent odor. Be sure to let your shoes completely dry out after wearing them, before throwing them into a stuffy closet — the perfect breeding ground for said bacteria.


Keep Them Clean

What keeps your Vans shoes from looking fresh and new, other than the normal wear and tear, is uncleanliness. Depending on where you live, your shoes can get dirty very quickly. Fortunately, there are a few simple yet efficient ways to keep your shoes clean. If they are subject to getting wet, consider applying a waterproof coating to them — You can find readily available sprays in most shoe stores. If you often dip into puddles, mud, sand, or anything else, clean the white base regularly with a toothbrush and use warm water and normal soap to help remove any dirt. Don’t use any device to dry off your Vans. Let them air dry, and be sure to let them dry completely before wearing them again to avoid any odors.


People often pay no attention to their laces when trying to keep their shoes looking new. Laces play just as much of an aesthetic role as any other part of the shoe. Discolored, torn, or worn out laces make your Vans look more worn out than they actually are. If your issue with the laces is discoloration, clean them by hand or throw them into the washer with your next load of whites. If they are wearing out or tearing, your best bet will be to replace them; laces are relatively inexpensive and can be found at most stores. To preserve the authentic look of your shoes, replace them with identical, original laces from Vans.

We all like to look good and our footwear is a vital part of that. Your shoes can help bring an outfit together, add color to your look, or be the focal point of your ensemble. Shoes also play a key role in keeping you comfortable and productive throughout your day. Keeping them looking fresh can be a little tiresome at times, but it is ultimately worth it in the long run, both financially and aesthetically. Remember that simple things, like using shoe trees, can have such an impact on preserving your Vans’ quality. Be sure to regularly clean your Vans and do your best to keep them dry, especially after washing them and before putting them back in the closet. The best way to dry them is normal air drying, preferably in the sun. Protection Status

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