Classic blue shirt with red tie

Shirts and Ties

Every man I interview and ask what staple piece of clothing a man should invest in, the classic white or blue shirt is a clear winner. So how do you funky up the classic white shirt. In fact how do you make a classic shirt state the man you truly are. It’s simple shirts and ties are a man’s best friend. When a man walks into a room one powerful focal point is what he has wrapped around his neck. The tie is so dominant and it’s where people will judge you the most.

I recently have had tweets from bankers and lawyers saying my images I add are way out there. It’s not seen fit for that environment. I would encourage these guys to be open. What is the worse case scenario? If you’re a lawyer you may be taken to fashion court and be judged for it. For those bankers who boast about their salary on menstylefashion, make sure you make a new investment. The worse thing that could occur is your asked to go home and trade your shirt for what is acceptable within your work environment. For that day count it as a stop loss encounter.

Contrasting Your Shirt With Your Tie

The classic white shirt will go with every colour. The struggle you will have is trying to match your tie so it works as a team. The focus point for me is your tie. So understand your colour pallet and that’s how you will make your tie your best mate. Now with other shirts this is a harder task. But again it’s your colour chart you have to understand first. Once you’ve got that then your tie should always be richer in colours compared to your basic shirt. A simple rule is if you are hesitating with whether it works then in most cases you’ve got it a tad wrong. Experiment and have a blast. Polka dot ties are a great contrasting look with the classic white and blue shirts.

Classic blue shirt with polka dot tie


Shirts That Clash With Your Tie

I adore this look and they key is to look for the same colour of your shirt within your tie. So lilac shirt, then make sure your tie has a tad of the same lilac shade. Then go from there. If you’re new to this, you may  have some raised eyebrows and frowns. But in most cases your colleagues are loving it and just afraid to show their emotions. Before you know it, you will be the trend setter of the group. For a more youthful look go for chunky ties. They just state that you are a fashion icon all over. Remember for some of you, you’re never in Vogue you’re simply ahead of it.

Lilac-shirt and lilac printed tie

Striped & Chequered Shirts

These are not classic shirts but they are always in a man’s wardrobe. This season the battle of the clashes are strong. So enjoy and take the risk and work out what is fab for you.

Blue-Gingham brown knit tie pocket square jacket blazer


Chequered shirts with blue tie


White Shirts Why Own One

Make the investment and go for shirts you don’t have to iron. This is a man’s best friend and mine also. Understand that certain wardrobe investments cost to begin with. But the classic white and blue shirt is a timeless piece over and over.


Daniel Craig-wearing a classic white shirt


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Classic blue shirt with grey tie 1


Classic Blue Shirt with grey tie