How To Recover Formatted Partition?

How To Recover Formatted Partition?

One wrong click is enough to lose your essential files. When you reinstall your operating system, you might format a wrong partition. This situation can increase your tension. You may try to recover your formatted partition. Here are some causes that force you to recover formatted partition.

  • Formatting partitions to avoid error or a message, such as Drive must be formatted? Would you want to format it now? The disk is not formatted, etc.
  • Mistakenly formatted a wrong partition containing your valuable data, while trying to format a specific partition.
  • You have formatted an inaccessible partition because it is corrupt or shows an error message. For instance, H:/ is inaccessible, directory or file is unreadable and corrupted.
  • To modify the file system, it is essential to format a particular partition like NTFS to FAT, etc.

It is possible to recover a formatted hard drive because formatting will not erase the data on a disk drive. The data will be removed from the address tables. For this reason, it is possible to retrieve data from formatted drives. Even you can recover relevant data from a reformatted disk with the help of a third party recovery tool, such as Recoverit.


Recoverit Partition Recovery Software

After formatting a partition and losing files, you can use Recoverit Partition Recovery software. It can be the right solution for lost partition recovery. To recover a lost partition, you have to find out if your system can recognize or not. It depends on the boot sector and partition table. Only boot/table sector is corrupt or missing if a lost partition is visible in Disk management and Device manager, but not available in My Computer. In this situation, the partition appears lost, and files of this partition become invisible.

  • Powerful recovery tool of Recoverit Partition recovery can help you to recover deleted files. You will get your data back quickly. This software is reliable to recover lost, damaged or deleted NTFS, FAT, HFSX, HFS, HFS+, Ext2 and Ext3 partition for Windows. With Recoverit data recovery software, you can recover deleted or lost files, music, emails, audio and photos from a partition.
  • Moreover, it can recover data from hard drive, digital camera, camcorders, memory card, and flash drive. With this recovery tool, you can recover data for formatting, immediate deletion, virus attack, system crash, and lost partition. See these simple steps to recover data.
  • Download Recoverit partition recovery and install on your PC. Carefully follow the next steps to recover lost partition with Windows.
  • Launch Recoverit partition recovery to recover formatted partition. Choose “Lost Partition Recovery mode” to start this process.
  • Choose a physical device where you have deleted or lost your partition. Click on “Start” for a quick scan for lost partition. Hit “Start” to scan the lost partition.
  • Recoverit partition recovery starts to search your files and folders from a partition. If you are not satisfied with a quick scan, you can begin to scan again by hitting “All-around Recovery” mode. It may take more time but search your maximum files.
  • After a deep scan, the results will be organized in types of file. Feel free to check them for selective recovery or recover all of them.

Before partition recovery, preview photos, ZIP, PPT, PDF, and Words files to check their quality. Moreover, you can ensure whether you need a file back or not. It is crucial to saving these recovered files to a new disk to avoid the chances of data overwriting. By overwriting a drive, your files will be erased permanently.

Think before Formatting a Partition

The external hard drive carries your essential files. If you want to format any partition, you are advised to back up your videos, photos, documents and other files on an external device. External drives are available in different forms, such as USB flash drive, SSD and pen drive. Sometimes your external drive asks you to format it. Here are some reasons for this message:

  • External hard drive faces a sudden power outage while transferring files.
  • Windows does not recognize its file system, such as Ext 2/3/4.
  • The external hard drive is wrongly pulled out.
  • An external drive is not working correctly because of a virus attack.
  • Bad sectors exist in an external hard drive.

Some users misunderstand this suggestion and format their hard drive. They consider it a recommendation from Windows to access their files stored on the hard drive. However, formatting will give you access to your hard drive, but you will not get your files and photos on the drive.

If you don’t have backups, you should not format your external drive. Formatting can be a bad idea because you will lose the structure of files. Though, you can recover data from a formatted drive before overwriting it. After formatting a disk, immediately stop its use and start a recovery procedure with a reliable third-party software to recover your files and folders. Protection Status

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