How to Stay Fashionable Even on a Rainy Day

How to Stay Fashionable Even on a Rainy Day

Walking up to the rain and gray skies are sufficient to suck the outfit motivation out of a person. However, you need not fear as you can opt for some rainy days looks which will keep you stylish, comfortable, and dry when you schlep to work. The following are some of the finest rainy days looks that you can use. The looks comprise the street-style stars and celebs too who are aware of the process of doing it precisely. The fashionable rainy day outfits do inspire the look of a person when it pours.

The waterproof rubber rain booties

You can’t ever forget the thick and wall bellies during your winter days. You can substitute them with short waterproof boots or in this matter; you can opt for calf-high rain boots too to free your legs. They will protect your strappy sandals and your summer pedicure too! When you wear shorter boots, then you will despiseless the process of walking in the summer rain.

Essential rain jacket

Sometimes, rain doesn’t turn out to be boring as some sunshine to a steamy and dreary day with a light translucent slicker will make your day. You will find rain jackets in neon yellow and blue.

Opt for a flowy skirt or dress

When it is too sticky and hot and when you can’t consider wearing pants, then you can opt for a flowy skirt or dress as they will turn into the right option. You can also stay cool with a short-sleeved or a sleeveless dress which is produced from lighter fabrics, like linen or cotton which does not fall very far below your knee. You can also wear a lightweight raincoat over it which will make you all prepared to go.

Prefer a T-shirt dress

The only thing which turns more annoying compared to rain at a time you are having a nice hair day is torrential downpour which makes your jeans wear-out completely. As when you sit at your desk wearing bottoms that continues to drip water is not comfortable or pleasant, you can opt to wear lightweight leggings which dry quickly. So, a foolproof rainy day outfit would be sporty sneakers, a T-shirt dress, and a raincoat.

Purchase a bubble umbrella

If you don’t have a raincoat, you need not bother a bit. You can easily opt for a clear bubble umbrella as it turns out to be the subsequent water-repellent accessory that provides coverage while permitting you to visualize the path that lies in front of you. Prefer a long trench and keep it unbuttoned so that it shows off your top. You can wear it along with your jeans plus waterproof ankle boots, and this look will turn handy if you get drenched in rains at the time of Fashion Week.

Jeans for light rain

Jeans are ideal for light rain though it is not advised for heavy downpours or when you require staying outside for lengthy periods. You must keep this in mind that when you remain wet in cold temperatures then you run the fear of suffering from hypothermia. Protection Status

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