AMORE – Redefining Opera For The Modern Man

AMORE  – Redefining Opera For The Modern Man


AMORE –  Is a British Opera Group signed to Warner Music. These four love to giggle, do dance offs, go to parties, eating food, being naughty and singing! They are Monica, David, Victoria and Peter. For me they are very dynamic on and off stage. Their interaction with each other on stage is humorous, refreshing and modern. It has been a long desire for me to give a modern edge to Opera Attire. I had the opportunity to spend a few days getting to know AMORE very well. I am excited that Peter and David have chosen Menstylefashion to be their stylist going forward. This will redefine what male opera singers should be wearing on stage for 2013.

The Photo Shoot

This article is a simple teaser of what is to come regarding Peter and David on a MenStyleFashion front. MenStyleFashion will publish many more photos in the coming days. The guys from Amore and me are very clear to anyone who is listening, Opera can be youthful, fun and attract people of all ages.

The Savoy – The Helping Hands Dinner in aid of WellChild

Tonight on the 7th of March there will be charity event in aid of WellChild, featuring a top celebrity host and quality entertainment. The evening will start with a champagne reception held in the spectacular River Room at the Savoy. The three-course dinner in the Lancaster Ballroom will be followed by a casino and dancing.  The Helping Hands Dinner will be the ‘go-to’ event for people who want a glamorous night out, but know at the end of the evening that they have done something important by contributing to a charity that needs their support. They will have provided a ‘Helping Hand’.

AMORE will be performing tonight at this event. What will the guys be wearing?  MenStyleFashion is going to take you on a journey highlighting that Opera fashion on stage is in need of a revamp. We know you will be in Amore with its wardrobe.

Peter Brathwaite

For me it’s all about finding well made clothes that allow me to feel comfortable but that also act as an outward expression of me as a person. Whether I’m on stage or having a lazy weekend at home I want the ease of being able to carry out my daily duties. “Looking good shouldn’t be seen as self-conscious, it’s merely self respect”.

In short: “A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then forgotten all about them.”
– Hardy Amies

Peter Brathwaite - Amore opera singer

Wearing Orlebar Brown latest collection

Peter Brathwaite - Amore opera singer

Your clothes state who you are as a man

David Webb

Growing up in the south west by the sea, flips flops, jeans and a T-shirt were very much my staple attire, but now I love to wear clean, well cut, classic men’s style attire. Confidence in myself and my abilities increases tenfold when I know that I am in good shape and dressed the best I can look.

Webb - Amore opera singer
Orelebar Brown latest collection
David Webb - Opera Singer
 Striped button down shirt and herringbone single breasted jacket

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