Marble Trend – Sustainable Fashion Print

Marble Trend – Sustainable Fashion Print

Marble print has long been a sign of luxury, seen in homes of the wealthy and in Ancient Greco-Roman architecture.  Marble eventually made its way into everyday home décor in the form of faux marble accent pieces, countertops and furniture.  However, the marble trend isn’t just for architecture and décor anymore and certainly isn’t only for the rich and famous.  Marble print is emerging in a hot new way in fashion and we predict that this will be a top trend in men’s fashion for 2020.

Marble Print’s foray into fashion is nothing new. Marble print entered mainstream fashion around 2008 (in Men’s Fashion at that) and has consistently been seen in Spring and Fall collections ever since. Next year seems to be the year of eccentric patterns (as many designer collections have already demonstrated) and marble print will be no exception.  Fashion Week men’s collections from New York to Paris promises lots of creative prints like tie-dye and graffiti print for the upcoming year. Marble print is also included in many top collections on the runway in 2020 men’s collections and, make no mistake, this trend will not be as simple and understated as in previous years.  It will definitely come back with a bang next year. Since the marble trend hit the fashion scene, 2015 was the top year for this print.  Until now, we have only seen marble print show up in major designer collections in black and white.  Next year, 2020 promises to shake up the status quo by going even more bold with the marble trend.

Marble Print 2020 men

Marble For Colorful

In fact, 2020 will be the year when marble will be more colorful. If you prefer lots of color in your style, there will be plenty of marble options for you. Brands like S.R Studio debuted marble patterns for 2020 with bold color combinations such as reds and greens.  There will be many colorful marble print options for color aficionados. For 2020, marble prints will dominate mostly in men’s street style fashion along with other abstract patterns.  Designers like Neil Patrick Gozinger of Nihl and Dries Van Noten have shown that art and vintage patterns rule for 2020.  We are seeing pieces that are more expressive and gender fluid and also pieces that challenge typical men’s fashion archetypes.

In previous years, black and white marble prints had white being the dominant color with subtle splashes of black. This classic marble print won’t be going anywhere though.  It will essentially be the new neutral in marble print for next year. Classic black and white marble print is very versatile as it can be paired nicely with brighter colors such as coral and turquoise. Black and white marble print will be the perfect staple in every man’s closet. There are also marble print selections with black being the dominant color. This can still be considered a marble “neutral” piece. The black and white marble look is timeless and chic and we can count on seeing more of it for 2020.  Although marble print may not just be about black and white next year, it’s not exclusively all about color either. If you want a more fascinating marble piece than black and white but aren’t quite daring enough for the full-color marble look, you can go to this site for inspiration for pieces with splashes of color that are a perfect fit.

Marble Print 2020 men

How To Wear Marble Fashion

Wondering how exactly you can pull off the marble trend for 2020?  Don’t worry, there are many solid options for you to incorporate marble patterns into your style.  There are lots of shirts, tees and suits to play with but there’s no need to limit yourself to clothing in order to slay marble print. There are ample marble accessories available too. There’s also no need to wait until next year to start snagging some good marble print pieces either.  If you’re an avid shoe-lover, Marbled-Sole sneakers by Alexander McQueen will satisfy your shoe and marble print fix. You can also accessorize with smaller marble pieces like an Alexander McQueen cufflink set.  This is perfect for the gentleman that wants to stay on trend without diving in full force. Another accessory like a bracelet by Emanuele Bicocchi is a great option for marble lovers out there.  Our favorite accessory by far is a marble watch by Australian designer Christian Paul. Available in either a black or white dial, his watch adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. What we like most about this collection is that it also offers different options for the case and band, so finding something that suits your taste and style is doable.  The collection also features a timepiece with an interchangeable band, allowing you to customize your look.

Acid For Marble

There won’t be a shortage of ways to style marble prints either.  Men’s Spring 2020 collections show leather being a dominant fabric. It is safe to say leather jackets will rule the streets next year.  We can’t think of any more stylish way to pair marble print than with an updated leather piece.  Another trend for 2020 is faded denim, reminiscent of the 80’s acid wash era. The Versace Spring/Summer 2020 men’s collection features coordinating washed denim pants and jacket with marble print, which you can read more about here.

Marble has also made an appearance in women’s fashion this season too.  We see it as a kind of pre-cursor as to what to expect for men’s fashion in 2020.  Fendi’s Fall/Winter 2019/2020 women’s collection pays homage to Rome with an entire selection of marble pieces.  The marble patterns in Fendi’s collection mimic some classic marble architecture in Rome. The colors are more on the neutral side with lots of tans, browns and beiges, in contrast to the wildly vivid colors in the men’s collections for 2020.  Marble print for men next year may just be the new animal print for women and we’re here for it.  Whether your style is minimalist or bold and playful, there is a piece of marble print fashion calling your name in 2020. Protection Status

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