While drinking is a social activity for many people, others find themselves drinking excessively, whether they are in a social situation or not. This often leads to a problem with alcohol.

Planning To Stop

The first step in anyone’s quest to quit drinking must be to put a stop to their bad habits. Until they are committed to stopping and have a plan for how to achieve it they will never successfully conquer the problem.

This starts with structuring one’s days and routines so that drinking can no longer be a part of them. At this point in the process, an addict has to determine what they will do each time they are craving an alcoholic drink. They should take into consideration what exactly triggers them to want to drink. Plans for a new routine should include avoiding those triggers.

Seeking Out Support

The next step in the process is to build a support system to help the person quit drinking. This starts with turning to relatives and close friends who are able and willing to offer support. But it can also extend to finding a sponsor through a program like AA. Having a sponsor allows the person to gain support from someone who can relate to their struggles to quit drinking. Also, check with your insurance is some might cover it like Tricare drug rehab coverage.

Find a support group

Consider Taking Medication

Certain medications can be taken to help people stop drinking alcohol. There are three medications that have proven safe and effective as alcohol treatment. These three medications are disulfiram, naltrexone, and acamprosate. When it comes to naltrexone, 78% of those who took it for an extended period of time we’re able to beat the habit.

Those that take naltrexone have an easier time slowly stopping their drinking. Rather than quitting all at once, they gradually lessen the frequency of their drinks. Using this method to quit helps avoid experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. Many people find long term success when they ease themselves into quitting. This is not as likely to happen if someone quits drinking suddenly.

taking medication

Commit To New Activities

Distractions that help people avoid taking a drink are crucial during this process. Even something as simple as going to the gym can keep a person’s mind off of alcohol and on something healthier. The busier a person stays, the less they will have the time to give in to temptation. This is a perfect time to find a new hobby or develop a new interest.

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Set Achievable Goals

In addition to distracting themselves with new activities, people trying to quit drinking should set at least one goal they can realistically achieve. They can form a goal by exploring all of the reasons they have decided to quit. When people write down their goals, it helps remind them to try and achieve them. The key to using goals during this process is for the person to reward him or herself when they meet one of the goals.