Whether it’s the pandemic or simply cold weather keeping you cooped up for days on end, it can be very frustrating, right? Change in scenery might just be the remedy to fight off cabin fever and get your creative juices flowing again. How do you ask? Well, you don’t need to be a décor guru to elevate your space to something magical and refreshing.

In the 21st century, trends often change, and it can be daunting to keep up with the latest fad. Moreover, not all deco changes are always budget-friendly. Luckily, with affordable features such as sheer curtains or even a roll of wallpaper, you can transform your space with less.

The trick is to make small changes that have maximum effect. Read on and discover more interesting ways to transform your space with minimal changes.

Sheer Curtains Create a Luxurious Feeling

These days, more people are using blinds or going completely naked where their windows are concerned. It seems to be the hottest trend. It’s understandable for mountain top glasshouses with their magnificent views but what about smaller, compact spaces?

Sheer Curtains

Ground-level spaces need a bit of privacy cover or simply a way to beautify the interior. And that’s where sheer curtains become a viable option because they give you the perfect coverage. Here are some of the feels that sheer curtains Melbourne homeowners incorporate can give:

  • Hotel look: Why not create the hotel look in the comfort of your home? With the soft, natural light seeping through the curtains you can successfully create the illusion of being at any top hotel in Melbourne. Cheat your mind into believing you’re at an exquisite stay at an expensive hotel when it’s only your bedroom you’re waking up in. To add to the hotel feel, add an oversized painting in the room for that full glam effect.
  • Colours: Sheer curtains come in the latest colours and only need the warmth of the sunlight to enhance and elevate the existing colours in your room. Most of the colours have similar hues. The most popular colour trending right now is called “Glow”, a soft gold colour with a sprinkle of shimmer in it. Be bold and add an oversized vase, with beautiful fresh flowers to complement the sophistication of sheer curtains. You deserve all the glam and glow in this world. So, live it up!

Have You Heard What Wallpaper Can do For You?

Don’t cringe and get flashbacks of the horrible wallpaper your granny used to have in her living room. Wallpaper has evolved and is the new kid on the block with lots of spunk to add to your decor. What’s even better, it’s affordable and can instantly transform any space. Here’s how:


  • It can lighten up the room or darken it depending on the pattern you pick
  • It can create the illusion of more space if you select a pattern with bold imagery
  • If you prefer to create a more intimate setting you can select wallpaper with larger patterns which will make the room feel enclosed
  • The texture on some wallpaper adds the idea of volume and create shading which makes any room feel spacious and multi-dimensional

Wallpaper allows you to be as funky or subtle as you want to be, so have fun with it.

Textures Make the World Go Round

Adding different textures to your space is a sure way to transform your space with less. Adding fabrics with items such as sheer curtains, comfy rugs and fluffy pillows are easy ways to enrich an area. Let’s touch on the benefits of different textures:

  • Natural textures, such as wood can provide warmth and comfort in any room
  • Delicate textures add an undeniable elegance to any room and can be regarded as playful and whimsical
  • Rough and heavier textures give superior visual pleasure and ground the room
  • Heavier textures such as cotton and tweed are suitable for a child’s room because it’s easy to clean and can withstand wear and tear
  • Light textures such as silk and satin can create a romantic feel in the bedroom (wink wink)

In Summary—Final Tips

Working on a budget and redecorating your space with the latest and best trends can be tricky. But with the help of technology, colour schemes and textures you can transform your space for less. Invest in one high-end piece and complement the rest of the room with inexpensive accessories such as pillows, carpets and crafts.

A new curtain, a splash of paint and moving the furniture around in the room can help you have a brand new place. These small alterations can make such a big difference!

You know what they say: change is as good as a holiday. Don’t hold back, enjoy transforming your space today and feel refreshed every time you walk into your home.

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