Idris Elba - African Male Style Icon (

Idris Elba –  Male Style Icon For Africa

Idris Elba is so hot; I am surprised he does not set himself ablaze each time he takes a step. He walks the red carpet like a man who belongs there. If he went to an after party to do a DJ set (yes he can do that to!) and played Rita Oras’ hot right now he would certainly have to throw his hands in the air. He is a man who belongs on the red carpet and he works it. He has all the winning qualities for being on the red carpet; a great body, a winning smile, charisma and an edgy elegant style of dress. He is not afraid to step out the style box and try something different, but it is never wacky or crazy. He is a real man as he strides down the red carpet he exudes a confidence which can only be god given not learnt. He looks good and he sounds good as he is interviewed by one and all.

His Style

In the year 2013 he had many opportunities to showcase his style, as many opportunities were open to him on the red carpet because his body of work was so full , there were film premiers and interviews a plenty. He also has graced the cover of many magazines and 2013 was a great GQ cover and it was timely to see a man of colour there. He is A- list yet he is not averse to being an example to others and has visited his former school to inspire children, never forgetting from whence he came in Hackney. He comes across as so likeable I could imagine him in a local pub having a good laugh (of course I would pray he goes to the toilet so I could watch him).

The Great Nelson Mandela

I believe he was born to walk the red carpet with his rugged natural sensuality, clothes seem to love him. I would describe his look as an urban elegant British gent. He is not afraid to add a pop of colour to his look which can appear in the suit or added for flavour with an accessory. He will sometimes mix formal with informal, he easily glides from “keeping it street” to high end depending on the occasion and he is never inappropriate. He was afforded the chance to immortalise the great Nelson Mandela, father of all nations which he did with dignity and integrity, I for one thank him for that. In the same vein of talking about his acting skills, I ask the question is time for the Bond franchise to do something unexpected? I believe it is time for the casting to innovative not for tokenism but because Idris Elba is the full package.

The role of my ideal Bond is rugged, intelligent, sensual, broody with a under current of mystery, a great body and a great actor for me that is Idris Elba, just saying, peace out.

Idris Elba - African Male Style Icon (


Idris Elba - African Male Style Icon


Idris Elba - African Male Style Icon (