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Before their final gig of the year, I met up with Rob Jones from British rock band Missing Andy in Shoreditch to talk about music, men’s fashion, and Essex. Missing Andy themselves were semi-finalists on Sky1’s show ‘Must Be the Music’, and have continued to be extremely successful ever since. Initially starting out as a teenage band formed at Braintree College, they have grown and evolved and it’s been a pleasure to catch up with the leading man behind the looks of the band.

Music and Fashion - Rob Jones

So what’s the link between music and men’s fashion? Rob explained that it’s all about wearing what you feel comfortable in. When on stage, it’s important to be able to move around in what you’re wearing, but for a teenage fan, or someone who just likes the ‘Missing Andy look’, what’s the thought process behind the clothes?

For most of Missing Andy’s fans, clothes form an integral part of life: what you wear helps define who you identify with, what type of music you listen to, and most importantly: who you are. However, how much thought actually goes in to what goes on that body of yours when you wake up in the morning? Rob explained that to him, he likes to be a bit different: adding a waistcoat to his fairly casual jeans and short-sleeved shirt added that uniqueness to his look that is reflected in his music.

How does men’s style link to music taste?

Missing Andy Rob Jones Bassist

How to get the Missing Andy Look

Now working both with Missing Andy and as an independent artist, Rob is involved in a number of projects, but his style prevails: it’s a part of who he is. On asking whether he would go to high-end labels like Dolce & Gabbana or Hugo Boss, he explained that it’s important to develop your own style through expressing your music and artistic tastes: it’s possible to take a simple t-shirt from Topman and make it stand out by adding some flashy shoes from Base London and get what you’re looking for, without having to spend thousands on an expensive suit.

Missing Andy Rob Jones Bassist

But what is it that allows us to link what someone wears with their listen to? It’s easy to point out someone who would, going on stereotypes, listen to more hip-hop music, or punk, or even perhaps classical, but where did the trend emerge? If we look at the origins of the music itself, we can see that fashion came first: Missing Andy, for example, originated in a college in the heart of the Essex countryside, and yet their image does not reflect that shown in ‘The Only Way is Essex’. The gangster scene of the East Coast of the USA during the 1920s came after the transition to pin collar shirts and swept back hair now associated with ‘The Great Gastby’. So what’s next?

More Missing Andy Coming Soon

Find out how Rob Jones experimented with his style to create the modern look he’s associated with today – full video interview coming soon.

Missing Andy Rob Jones Bassist