Jetwing Blue Negombo Beach Sri Lanka – Hotel review

Jetwing Blue Negombo Beach Sri Lanka – Hotel review

It is my final day after four weeks of travelling throughout Sri Lanka. It is a nice way to complete my travel with Jetwing Negombo, part of Jetwing Hotels a Sri Lankan based luxury hotel group. This hotel was the very first Jetwing Blue hotel that was built. It was the core hotel that made Jetwing establish itself over the last 45 years, and it all started with a 6 room hotel. Now the hotel has grown to 112 rooms most of them with views of the Indian Ocean.

In speaking to the Deputy General Manager called, Ravi Selliah, Jetwing prides itself on serving its community by keeping both the hotel and beaches super clean. Ravi has worked in the hospitality industry all around the globe working for many hotels including Savoy London. He is a passionate manager who goes the extra mile to make sure the Jetwing Blue is operated to a very high standard.

Jetwing Blue Negombo Beach Sri Lanka – Hotel reviewJetwing Blue Negombo Beach Sri Lanka – Hotel review

The Setting

Jetwing Blue is located directly on the beach of Negombo and has four different swimming pools if you include the ones from Jetwing Beach. Right next to Jetwing Blue is Jetwing Beach and guest of both hotels can the facilities so if you get bored with one pool, you can go to the next one. The décor at Jetwing Blue is clean, contemporary and minimalist. I found the staff very attentive professional but also approachable. I really liked the salt water pools and I liked that I could choose so many pools to chill in. My favourite has to be the pool with the seating area within the pool, its lovely to sit relax and take in my final few hours of Sri Lanka.

Jetwing Blue Negombo Beach Sri Lanka – Hotel reviewJetwing Blue Negombo Beach Sri Lanka – Hotel review


There were many eating options within this hotel and the food was excellent value for money. There is no need to venture outside this hotel as you will not find better value and quality for your money. In speaking to Ravi, he explained that the fish is fresh every day and he has a very strict policy regarding the way the seafood is handled. The kitchen is big, spotless and serves food to a very high standard. The children’s menu was very enticing and the names they give each dish was very creative. The food was excellent and the children loved every bit of it. The pricing of it was stupendously low with kids dishes going for €2 – €3. In the month of travelling Sri Lanka, I have not come across such good value.


The breakfast area is overlooking the beach. Crows can be a problem here but Jetwing Blue are very on to it. The clever netting allowed me to eat breakfast in peace and I had no concerns about those crows taking my food. The breakfast choices were excellent and there are many dedicated sections to choose whatever you like. The food is well presented and it was a nice relaxed eating environment.


I was given a lovely modern room overlooking the swimming pool and beach. I loved how it was decorated in white and the use of see-through glass used to give an illusion of open space. The beds were comfortable and everything was in good working order. I adored the big bath and the option to be able to see the whole room, it gave a very beach-like atmosphere. The products used are all placed in glass bottles. The Jetwing group prides itself as an eco-hotel.  Its aim is not to have any plastic waste within the hotel regarding the use of products.


I experienced a manicure and a pedicure and I was served by two men. They did a comprehensive job, and I was thrilled was the end result. The treatment room was clean, comfortable and I loved its relaxing setting. The spa itself was also very clean and it smelt lovely. The overall setting was excellent and it is worth booking a treatment here.

Eco Message

Lots of hotels have eco messages, mainly regarding the use of water or towels. This is where it stops for most hotels but not any hotel of the Jetwing group. I was taken across the road by Oshan to get a tour of Jetwing’s recycling facilities. I wash shown the biomass boiler which burns leftover wood from growing cinnamon. I saw the wastewater treatment facilities where the end product is used for watering the hotel gardens. I was shown the bottling plant where the hotel’s in-house water is treated and bottles, no plastic here. Waste food was turned into compost and methane. Next, I got a tour of the vegetable and herb gardens where lots of the food used within the hotel was grown. The tour that I was given is also given to children in Sri Lanka to teach them an ecological and sustainable way of living. I just wish more hotels would be so actively involved.


Jetwing Blu in 2017 will play host to a total of 18 weddings and the hotel can cater groups of guests of up to 900 people, with using all the Jetwing hotels in Negombo. Whilst I was here a wedding was in the process with a total of 250 guests including their own chefs from India. Jetwing Blue are experts regarding hosting weddings and they have an infrastructure with a dedicated team to make sure the wedding is the best for both family and friends. I did observe the staff and I was impressed with how relaxed and how organised they were, plus normal hotel operations for guest like me was not impacted at all.


Visiting five Jetwing hotels over the last month has been a brilliant experience. Each hotel stands alone with its own unique identity. The eco message is the same for every hotel though. Jetwing Blue is a great place to start or end your Sri Lanka experience. It is only 20 minutes away from the international airport and this is the perfect place to unwind. Let me take this opportunity to thank Ravi and Oshan all the staff for making our last day so memorable. There is one thing for sure, I will return to Sri Lanka and to Jetwing hotels.


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