Floral Fashion – Embrace the Flower Power This Summer

Floral Fashion – Embrace the Flower Power This Summer

Gucci Floral prints for man - shirt with flowers

Floral Fashion

Time to embrace, floral prints, checkered studded shirts and flower on your feet. The surf labels are finally ditching the normal T-shirts and embracing prints and colours. The skull heads fashion is in full bloom and good to see it updated. Givenchy is leading the way in the creative fabrics. Its bird of paradise shirts are refreshing to see.

Why should a man wear flowers especially when he is likely to be the only fellow sporting one?  I’ll give you two reasons:

  • It’s a great conversation starter. I guarantee someone will ask about it; the key is to be confident as to why you are wearing it. If a compliment is given, simply say thank you, and then move on with the conversation unless your conversation partner(s) wishes to dwell on it.
  • You have something to give. It takes bold fashionistas to come out wearing flowers. It only takes one bold man and trust me the rest will follow. If you want to get noticed this is certainly the way forward. Us girlies love men who don’t fit the fashion norm.

How To Wear

Simple with attitude, confidence and a smile. Whatever the top balance it with a neutral bottom and vice versa. If it’s all too much, purchase a pair of floral shoes instead. If you are the flamboyant type wear it from top to bottom. If this is still all too much, then go and buy your partner a bunch of flowers.

Chanel floral prints for Men

Chanel man

Givenchy Men floral pants, shorts , shirts

Givenchy man

Dolce and Gabbana men floral shirt - roses pink and red

Dolce & Gabbana, loving this

versace floral clothing for men underwear and jacket

Versace man

White Gucci shoe with floral prints fro men

Gucci floral man

givenchy bird of paradise floral shirt for men

Givenchy, bird of paradise

Surf floral shirts for men slippers and shorts

Surf shirts, Billabong, Animal and some other cool brands

vans floral shoes men collection 2012

Loving the floral shoes from Vans

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