Joe Corre Interview – Video – Real Facts About Fashion

Joe Corre Interview – Video – Real Facts About Fashion

Joe Corre Interview

My quest is to encourage a man to dress well all the time. No matter if your in a garden digging for food or out at the Opera. If there is one man that speaks the very same message regarding men, style and fashion. Then let me introduce to Joe Corre (Joseph Corre). Who is he? He is the original founder of the famous label Agent Provocateur. For those Sex Pistol fans and Punk Rock lovers. Joe’s father (Malcolm McLaren) was manager to the sex pistols.

Joe Corre has two main businesses called,  Illamasqua LTD and A Child of the Jago in London.

A Child of the Jago

For me the moment I walked in to this store it instantly resembled, theatre, costume, drama, a passion for fashion and Opera came to mind. Joe comes from a very influential fashion background. For this reason I would say to date it’s my best interview ever.

In fashion there is no room for error

This is an interview for everyone to hear. If you want to start up a fashion business. You better listen to the expert first. There is nothing commercial about Joe’s message regarding fashion. I respect a man who has no fear in giving his honest thoughts about London Collections: Men. I warn you, brace yourself. Joe is a hard working down to earth man. Successful at every level. In his own words: “In fashion there is no room for error.”


In June 2007, Corré was awarded the MBE for his services to the fashion industry in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list. However, he controversially rejected the honour in protest of outgoing Prime Minister Tony Blair’s actions regarding Iraq and Civil Liberties.

A Child of the Jago Joe Corre's



A Child of the Jago Joe Corre's

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