London Collections Men SS14 Preview – Lots of Men Style & Fashion

London Collections Men SS14 Preview – Lots of Men Style & Fashion

Savile Row - London UK - Heart of bespoke tailoring

London Collections Men SS14 Preview

With only a few days to go until a gargantuan throng of menswear designers, editors, bloggers and photographers descend on the streets of London for the 3rd London Collections: Men, what better time to promote an event that is fast becoming a cultural highlight in the crazy world of fashion.

It seems like only yesterday I was writing for MenStyleFashion on our experiences at LC:M but here we are, six months down the line and with a whole new wardrobe adorning our rails, ready to sharpen our elbows and jump in with the movers and shakers of the fashion elite.

The question I kept asking myself during and after our forays into the LC:M in January was while it was great to be on the inside of the fashion circle, how many men – and women for that matter – on the street were actually aware that the good and the great of men’s fashion were showing their sartorial wears to the fashion press? Speaking to Londoners in the aftermath of LC:M, I came to the conclusion that the answer was very few. To me it was painfully aware that the same faces were at all the shows; the same popstars, the same magazine editors, bloggers and even the same hipster kids who were looking to get their picture ‘papped’ by one of the plethora of photographers who were running from show to show.

Do not get me wrong, I loved every single moment of the event in January; the buzz was incredible. Mingling with people I had previously only seen on computer screens to literally being shoulder-to-shoulder with them, talking to them and physically being involved in their world opened my eyes up to an entire new life; a world I loved and became immersed in. However, as we approach the forthcoming three day fashion extravaganza (June 16-18) the question still lingering at the forefront of my thoughts is: Are we reaching out to the man on the street or will I once again be living it up with the chosen few?

My first reaction would be the latter, that the same wonderful faces I met on those cold, dark January days will once again be donning their best summer attire and doing their utmost to get in as many shows as possible in those three days of blissful mayhem. I think the only thing that won’t be reverting to the status-quo will be the collections being produced by the amazing array of design talent on display.

I hope I’m wrong but from the people I speak to who aren’t immersed in the world of fashion like myself, I still think they will be left on the periphery looking in. I know we can’t all go to the shows, that space is limited and in fact, there is still a huge proportion of men who have no interest in fashion and simply want clothes to be comfortable accessories in their lives, but are LC:M doing enough to promote the event outside of the fashion circles which already exist? That’s the question I’ll be putting to GQ Editor and director of LC:M when I see him in two weeks time.

Men Style Fashion – Supporting Savile Row

All the images below is all about Gracie Opulanza tapping into British Fashion. And marketing men’s clothes as she feels is one of the most influential ways of doing it. By placing it on men, encouraging their style and promoting fashion on the streets. Or at the Savoy in London let alone Royal Albert Hall. All in the name of charity.

Gieves and Hawkes - Savile Row

Gieves & Hawkes – Savile Row

Ede & Ravenscroft  Accessories- Savile Row

Ede & Ravenscroft Accessories- Savile Row

Royal Albert Hall - Field and Nicholson Suits

Royal Albert Hall – Field and Nicholson Suits

Darren attends every London Fashion Week event for years

Darren attends every London Fashion Week event for years

Harvey Nichols 2013

Harvey Nichols 2013

Fred Perry - UK London

Fred Perry – UK London

A child of the Jago - Shoreditch

A child of the Jago – Shoreditch

Orlebar Brown 2013 - photo shoot in London

Orlebar Brown 2013

Jimmy Choo - Dover Street 2013 - Mens Shoes Store

Jimmy Choo – Dover Street 2013

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