John Halls – Male Model Talks About Football Career

John Halls – Male Model Talks About Football Career

Whilst at Barcelona Fashion week I noticed John Halls a British male model. He had just modeled for Desigual and with a smile like John’s he is hard to miss. As you know in the world of fashion we do judge a book by its cover. I yelled at him to give me a smile for the camera and John did more than that. He came over to me and said I know who you are. Gave me a kiss on the cheek and the rest was history.

Now any man that treats Gracie like a lady is very wise indeed. So after a little while we connected again and little did I know that John Halls is the very role model I am looking for. You know I am all about working with the Sport Stars and when John shared he use to play football I was not going to let him go.

John Halls Football Career

In the world of football more so than ever to be accepted is the most thrilling and toughest race of your life. How does one handle being at the top of their career and then loaned out to be then told that it’s all over! Sports depression is something a man finds very hard to admit let alone talk about. Listen to what John has to say about his football career.


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