Strellson – Male Model Tips on Men’s Fashion

Strellson – Male Model Tips on Men’s Fashion

Strellson - Leather bags for men 2013

Brodie Nero’s take on “Men in the Street” Fashion

Having gone from the Fitness Modelling industry to the Fashion industry, I have had to learn a lot and adjust accordingly. Because of my new opportunities, I made the transition and feel as though this is where I have always belonged.

My recent promotional work has been with Strellson (Switzerland). Strellson’s main motto is: “Men who go their own way”. This I feel ties in great with the MenStyleFashion concept of  “Men on the Street”. In the street we see a lot of Men who are going their own way. They make statements with what they are wearing whether it is by intent or not. I believe that Men’s fashion is a forever changing genre that can be hard to keep up with. Because of the diversity in culture, age groups, eras, influences etc. You need to look for some consistencies, even if they are few and far between. Otherwise, you will be lost in how to put yourself together.

Strellson’s Fashion Concepts

While working with Strellson I realised that it sets a precedent for what men should be wearing no matter what they are engaging in. Be it formal, lifestyle or sport. Strellson’s fashion concepts can be used as a template for those looking to have structure to their outfit. Meaning that if one does not have the ability or convenience of getting actual Strellson apparel (even though I highly recommend investing in some), referring to how Strellson puts outfits together is a sure way of setting yourself straight to strut.

An Example: Style Tips

You may just be walking up a few blocks to have coffee with a friend so a lifestyle outfit would suffice. But why not take that casual button up and dress it up with a tie? Put that windbreaker back on the hanger and throw a comfortable sport blazer over top. You will still be warm for the typical up and down spring weather. But now you have an edge over all the men you see making statements as you make your way through the streets. You are saying: “I am comfortable but sharp, up to par but relaxed!”

I have also noticed that Men’s clothing needs to be more form fitted. Fortunately (because of my background in Fitness Modeling) it seems as though “healthy living” and Fitness has become a bit of a fad/trend itself. Thereby having a physique to compliment the form fitted clothing makes for a great combination. You bring more strength and confidence to your outfit when you are in shape. Furthermore enhancing the statement you bring as your strut your stuff in the streets!

The images below are Brodie Nero who is modelling for Strellson –

Strellson - White scarf for men 2013


Strellson - Brown fitted jacket 2013


Strellson - Blue cardigans and red chinos 2013


Strellson - Blue tight fitted suit 2013 Protection Status

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