Jools Chaffer - Dizzy Charity for Diabetes

Did you know the most addictive drug for us all now is sugar. I’m also noticing an increasing trend amongst us guys which is working out and heading to the gym.  So whilst on a shoot with Maria with Jools Chaffer.  I knew that I had to share his story. Jools Chaffer went from being an overweight 40-year man with a 37inch waist and 27% body fat, down to and incredible 28inch waist and 8% body fat in just 5 months. Find out what motivated him and how he avoids those cravings for unhealthy food we all get.

Why the change and what was your motivation?

Jools had 3 main reasons as to why he wanted to change his body. Number 1, was he wasn’t happy with his own body image. Number 2, due to the fact that his wife has chronic type one diabetes meant that her life expectancy is 10 to 15 years less than the average person. Jools is older than his wife, which means there was always the possibility of them leaving their son without parents. He realised that the only one who wasn’t doing all they could do to look after their health was him. So he decided to do something about it and get healthy in order to improve his life expectancy.

Number 3, was that 2013 was the start of dizzy sport for diabetes education plan. To be a part of this Jools set out to prove that even with his busy chief executives lifestyle, he could change his 40-year looking body into a 30-year-old looking body. By doing this, he hoped to encourage those struggling to be healthy whilst dealing with diabetes. This resulted in writing a fitness programme and evidencing what he did and keeping a detailed account of his diet and nutrition, which he hoped would inspire people with diabetes to a healthier lifestyle.

Jools Chaffer - Dizzy Charity for Diabetes


What was the hardest thing?

Jools: “The hardest thing for me was getting away from the modern easy life of going out on a Friday night and having a microwave meal. Everyone who has been a student knows you eat a lot of pot noodles. When you become older this often becomes takeaways. The body and mind gets used to it. It was for me to re-educate my mind to be as disciplined in my life as I was in my work life. I promised to my family that it would not interfere with my family life. That was the most difficult thing. I wanted to make sure that I would be home to read my son a bedtime story.”

How did you manage to overcome cravings?

A love of years ago, sparkling mineral water helped him to get passed his cravings. When craving something unhealthy he would just have a glass of sparkling water and it would help to ease the cravings. Sparkling mineral water also has the added benefit of containing sodium, which helps with avoiding cramp and so is essential for any athlete.

What would be your most important advice you could give someone?

To use social media. Keeping a running progress of what you are accomplishing and dropping hints, tips and tricks for getting healthy online will make sure that you stick to your goals. At the beginning people ask why, and then how? When people ask how this give you the opportunity to help and motivate other people, which also helps to motivate yourself.

Future Goals

  1. To keep waist under 30inch.
  2. Add 1 stone of muscle.
  3. To start dizzy sport for diabetes and to head up the fitness arm of this.


  • 1000mg cod liver oil.
  • Multivitamins.
  • Antihistamine.
  • Whey protein (Benjamin Bennetti).

Food tips

  • Juniper Berries.
  • No red meat, only white meat.
  • Whole nuts.
  • Cut out alcohol, saturated fats, and junk food.
  • No food after 7pm.

Special mention to Leanne Levitt his personal trainer who encouraged him throughout.

Jools Chaffer

Chief Executive of dizzy support for diabetes

Photography follow @mariascard

Jools Chaffer - Dizzy Charity for Diabetes



Jools Chaffer - Dizzy Charity for Diabetes


Jools Chaffer - Dizzy Charity for Diabetes


Jools Chaffer - Dizzy Charity for Diabetes