Job Interview - Single breasted suit

Dressing For An Interview

We all want to look our best when impressing a prospective employer but sometimes we don’t know how. We look at the top tips for dressing for an interview.

  • Wear black socks! There is nothing worse than sitting down, crossing your legs and displaying some white nike sports socks. Keep them plain and black, to compliment the black leather shoes that you should be wearing.

Job Interview Black socks

  • When interviewing for a new job, wear a tailored navy single breasted suit. This looks professional without being tacky or sombre. Also, solid cloth colours are better than patterns- this allows the interviewer to focus on your skills and qualifications rather than your wacky style.

Job Interview - Single breasted suit

  • Keep the shirt plain – white or blue long sleeved shirt is what we recommend. Again, we want your wacky side to stay under wraps for the duration of the interview!

Blazers and Suits and white shirts

  • The same must be said for a low key tie. A tie that matches the shirt or lining are favourable, made out of a material which is pleasing to the eye and subtle. No comedy ties please!

Blue ties for interviews

  • No handkerchief showing. This is a job interview and whilst you may like how it looks, it is somewhat OTT for a professional interview. Keep it smart and simple!

Job Interview - Single breasted suit

If you want any help with the above, email team@fieldingandnicholson and quote ‘menstylefashion’. To get the best look for an interview isn’t easy, but it is so important!