Judges At Kirklevington – Dom Pérignon of North Yorkshire

Judges At Kirklevington – Dom Pérignon of North Yorkshire

The Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors are all dramatic and stunningly beautiful. With their obvious beauty on show for everyone to see. It is my first time in this area and what better way to explore it than driving a Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T. After a long drive I was seeking a peaceful and relaxing location. Judges Country House Hotel is set in its own 22 acres of immaculate gardens run by a family for over twenty years.

So as I pulled up I was instantly greeted by Tim Howard, the General Manager. Tim is the heart and soul of Judges Country House Hotel and he has an infectious personality. My welcome drink was actually afternoon tea with a large slice of Victorian sponge cake, it was well worth the extra calories.

What instantly attracts me to Judges Country House Hotel is the wealth of history. During world war II the army built a massive bunker within the grounds. It became a vital secret command centre for the North East. Also, this Victorian country house was once the top-notch accommodation for circuit judges doing their rounds, hence the name.

Judges Hotel is part of the many of the properties in Pride of Britain Hotels    

Judges At Kirklevington - North Yorkshire

Interior Design

This family has poured its energy into the core of this hotel, this is reflected by the wealth of opportunities to discover, especially the exceptional objects of fine art and design.  Throughout the hotel there are so many details to communicate something to their guests. An example is the grand entrance which reflects a traditional style with regal furniture’s creating a nostalgic ambience. Judges At Kirklevington oozes warmth and cosiness where ever I explored. Afternoon tea here is a must with the many different styles of seating areas throughout the hotel. To overlook those pristine gardens at any time of the day emotionally had a pretty profound effect on how I felt on the inside.

Judges At Kirklevington - North Yorkshire

I enjoyed walking around the gardens soaking up the secretive, hidden nature. The hotel looked amazing from this view too.

Judges At Kirklevington - North Yorkshire


I could have ventured out for dinner but decided to stay in and soak up the stylish window blinds and take in the night atmosphere. I like to be inspired by Judges Country House Hotel craft designs. This hotel challenged my preconceptions and sparked an interest in what the role of craft and fabrics play in identifying a hotels history and personality.

Judges Country House Hotel dining area is an example of the clever use of textiles, woodwork, glass, and antique furniture which resulted in a very European way of culinary eating.

If you are seeking a modern menu for two with a dash of romance this is your restaurant. The food presentation of each dish is an indulgence to embrace, where a first-course meal has to be shared and it is a nice way to bring intimacy at the beginning of a meal.

Even if you are a local, and you can’t face another day in the kitchen, I would pop by Judges Country House Hotel and let them take care of the cooking.

Judges At Kirklevington - North Yorkshire food Ferrari

Judges At Kirklevington Dining Food MenStyleFashion (4) Judges At Kirklevington Dining Food MenStyleFashion (4) Judges At Kirklevington Dining Food MenStyleFashion (4)

Dom Pérignon

In my room, I was greeted by some fabulous champagne. Tim then took me on a tour to a dedicated Dom Pérignon room which was more like a luxurious bunker that was originally used for storage of guns during World War II. For this reason alone the room has an ambience of being very mystique. It is the perfect way to enjoy a wealth of exclusive wines as well as vintage Champagnes. Judges Country House Hotel has to get permission from Dom Pérignon and not many hotels meet the very strict criteria for this. No need to go to France, this is well worth booking for either a team building event, anniversaries, or learning about the fine art of Champagne culture.


The breakfast setting is stunning overlooking the gardens and looking out for wildlife is a lovely way of waking up here at Judges Country House Hotel. The food is fresh and I liked the healthy fruit options that were on display. The staff are very chirpy and welcoming at this time of the morning. The local free range eggs were so yummy!

Judges At Kirklevington - Dom Pérignon of North Yorkshire

Deluxe Room

When I walked into my Deluxe room, the artful wallpaper was a reminder that Britain, is one of the world’s leading nations in the interior design that other parts of the world venture to get inspiration from. This artfully decorated room trending deep teals and blues is a very bold statement in this room. The wallpaper reminds me of Holland and the design textures of fanned leaves and crisscrossing vines are relaxing to admire. I peered at these for hours during the night.

This room is an example of textiles, fabrics and crafts intertwining creating a very busy feel to it. One that is not easily found at other hotels. The room overlooks the gorgeous gardens and endless landscape, the gardens here at Judges Country House Hotel are an extension of the hotel.

The oversized bed is cosy, comfortable and the Victorian fireplace is a perfect setting for a fabulous night sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and the ambience of the room felt purposefully opulent and very cosy. I work many hours in this hotel room, sipping champagne and soaking up Judges Country House Hotel DNA. The eclectic room actually represented my sense of fashion and personality.

Dedicated working desks in hotels are important to me, I could focus and get my chores done on this wooden large working space.

Judges At Kirklevington - North YorkshireJudges At Kirklevington - North Yorkshire

Modern Bathroom

TV instalments are just a few of the other fun trends I am now seeing for 2019. Modern-day bathrooms are transforming into personalized day spas, and these technologies make the experience more relaxing and convenient than ever before. The large Victorian window allowed lots of natural lighting in here. It creates the perfect atmosphere to soak in the bath with a glass and some candle lights.

Judges At Kirklevington - Dom Pérignon of North Yorkshire

Gardens Retreat

The United Kingdom is famous for its immaculate gardens. The secluded gardens and access to walks here are very therapeutic. Like many northern gardens spring arrives in an exuberant rush marked by the calls of returning wildlife and the sound of nature. The orchards come into flower, the borders green up and early blooms of primulus, wind anemones and trillium fill the woods.

Waking up to such a view is healing to the soul.

Judges At Kirklevington - North Yorkshire


The staff here are lovely, warm and attentive. I met the owners too and their 25 years of commitment to Judges At Kirklevington clearly shows the love, and passion they have for this hotel. It is a perfect place to host weddings or car launches. What is rare and clever is that there is a completely separate building, so partying here is not rushed or intrusive to the main guest at Judges Country House Hotel. With endless choices of Dom Pérignon, this is France situated in North Yorkshire with a British flare.

Judges At Kirklevington - North Yorkshire Dog

Hobbs he is part of Judges At Kirklevington


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  • Address: Thirsk Rd, Kirklevington, Yarm TS15 9LW, United Kingdom
  • Website: judgeshotel.co.uk
  • Phone: +44 (0)1642 789000

Judges At Kirklevington is part of Pride Of Britain Hotels.

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