Kapow Meggings Are The Hottest Athleisure Trend of 2021

Kapow Meggings Are The Hottest Athleisure Trend of 2021

With the rise of athleisure and summer fitness fever, we’re finally tossing our charity run tees and dropping some serious dough on workout gear. The luxury athletic apparel market is blowing up, and now’s the time to splurge on unique apparel that helps you train harder and look smarter doing it. Led by sports stars and Hollywood A-listers, men’s leggings are leading the trend.

Black baselayer tights have been around for a while now, but there’s been a surge in demand for male leggings that blend sports styling with a cutting-edge look. A brand called Kapow Meggings is combining gym credentials with a streetwear vibe by pairing outrageous designs with technical performance. So you get seamless construction, moisture-wicking fabric and multi-directional stretch in everything from the basic meggings to cool-down tees and compression tights. Their designs work just as well paired with an oversized tank top as a kettlebell, depending on your training or lifestyle needs.

Think super-soft leggings with animal print feature panels, reflective stripes for running at night, compression fabric that improves thermoregulation for enhanced performance when you’re in weekend warrior mode.

Kapow leggings

For those that don’t want to trade in style for sweat, read on for a breakdown of some of the must-have pieces to stuff into your gym or overnight bag. But first – where did this trend come from?

Why Wear Leggings?

Leggings for men started with athletes looking to get a competitive edge with their performance. Compression and proprioception combined with faster recovery meant that basketballers, footballers and professional athletes kicked off the craze. As leggings became more popular, fans started wanting cooler and more design-led styles.

Sportswear always begins its life on the back of athletes, before becoming popularised by people in the public eye

Kapow Meggings

Before long Hollywood caught on, with actors, models and socialites getting in on the look with everything from leather tights to monochromes and colour blocking. Once famous people are wearing something, everyone wants a piece of it. That’s when brands like Kapow took meggings into the mainstream.

“It then gets reappraised by designers like Kapow Meggings, making it a trend which cannot be ignored.”

The look goes beyond celebrity, though. By nature, athleisure combines streetwear and sportswear and is wearable, comfortable and adaptable, making it relatively easy to pull off. So you can look clean and tailored, even if you just ran 10k.

Kapow Leggings

With the increased demand came more designs and ranges. Kapow alone has over 50 styles, from the subtle and demure to the wild and outlandish. Men all over the world discovered that meggings can express a personality and pair well with any outfit. So, how exactly do you wear them?

Hooded Jackets With Your Meggings

It’s time to replace that beaten-up track jacket with something more stylish. Hooded, fitted, comfortable zip-ups in jacquard fleece or with nylon accents are the perfect outerwear piece to take your workout wardrobe from basic to stylish. Hoodies team well with leggings as they have deep, zippered pockets for storing all your gear during your workout.

Or pair them with a long tee and sneakers for an easy way to wear leggings outside of the house. Ideal for warm-ups and cool-downs, Kapow Meggings are refined fit and tapered leg. This means you can wear them pretty much anywhere. The pub, bar and even at a festival.

These leggings are destined to become wardrobe staples. You may never put on real pants again.

Versatility is key, with sporty looks you can channel without stepping foot in the locker room. This summer’s all about nailing a home run with your own look. Meggings are lightweight, low-maintenance and great for layering.

Kapow leggings

The Comfort Factor

Need some inspiration for summer or winter? Leggings are super comfortable and look great. Keep the look fairly fitted and avoid any puddling at the shoes with a tight roll or hem tuck.

Kapow Leggings

Simplicity Is Key

Master the casual look with black or white trainer shoes, light knits in a marinière pattern (the original name for Breton stripes), leggings and lightweight jackets or raincoats. Primary colours are well-matched with brightly coloured leggings with busy patterns. Or go for a clash look with bold designs up top and down below.

Kapow Meggings

Track & Field

With the Olympic Games on the way, the track and field look will have a moment on the winner’s podium once again. Start with a vintage track jacket or lightweight zip-up bomber in sporty fabrics such as a cotton-poly blend or nylon. Bring the look racing up to date by teaming with a crisp white shirt and slim-fitting leggings.

Many athletic labels have adjusted their cuts to produce a kit that works as well for legs day as your recovery brunch. Just make sure you’ve got the kit for each. A classic, modern and sporty look is always trending.

Kapow Meggings

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