Alright guys, so winter is here right? And some of us are thinking, “man, I don’t have the time OR money to create a new winter wardrobe, it’s already December.” Luckily for you, there are people out there who are always thinking of creative ways to reinvent their approach on style. So! Here is a nifty bit of tips for ya.

1: Approach

Think about this, you love winter right? You’re thinking, “oh my god snow,” and “oh my god boots,” “oh my god scarves, & trenches, & pea coats, and hats.” Problem is you and your thrifty self only has a trench of some length and color and like a million different sweaters in your closet. So here’s what you do.

So if you’re like me, and you live in a place with a ridiculously constantly changing climate, then you’re usually running around living life with maybe a 65% chance of accuracy for dressing properly for the days weather change. Let’s go with the idea that you’re simply going out on your day off. Brunch, coffee with a friend, shopping, maybe walk the dog, that kind of scenario. You’re going to be in and out of shops, hanging out at a friend’s flat, maybe even messing around with your camera in the city?

Alright, you’re gonna go to your closet and grab first that smokey grey v-neck. We all know you have one, just put it on. Next…. I dunno, throw a pattern in there. That deep blue button down with white polka-dots is cute. DON’T put it on yet though. First grab that cranberry v-neck long-sleeved and throw that on. It breathes well, so it will help with insulation so you’re good to go. Wait no. Reverse that. Long-sleeved under short sleeved. You’ll understand why.

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2: Color Combos

Now apply the button down, and then grab that over-sized snowflake white knit sweater you’ve got there and throw that over it. That’s four layers right there. Or basically a mild combo of 4 different looks all in one, and with those new boots you’ve got and a pair of black slim jeans, you’re like, “awesome, I’m still accenting how long my legs are and my height.”

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3: Top It Off

Now you need something to bring out those accents. Let’s try that brown trench you got from Uniq lo last year. Just drape that over your shoulders. It’s just blocking the wind anyway; you don’t need to button it up. It may be 28 degrees outside, but you’ve got layers on so you’re fine. I see you looking at the black one, yes I know, but you don’t want to match too much. Throw that grey & white striped knit cap on and grab that black extra long scarf and just loosely wrap it around your neck. Maybe throw then end of it over your shoulder so that a bit is just outside the collar and grab you gloves. Get the hell out the door man! Your buddies are waiting for you! Brunch remember?

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4: Bag It Up

Wait! Take this tote for when you take that sweater & trench off. Don’t forget your camera, throw some sunnies on and your awesome music influenced winter stroll sequence has been initiated. Maybe I’ll tell you what to do with that hand-me-down Ermengildo Zegna blazer you have next time you have a day off and you’re going to ride your bike. Only if you come back with some nice shots or maybe a new pair of shoes. GO GO GO! You’re going to be just in time!

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5: Point

The point? Summer is all about showing skin and soaking up sun ya? Well Winter is all about combos and layers. The more creative you get with those layers, the more attire options you’re actually carrying with you on your way. Right? Cuz your boyfriend loves snuggling up with that oversized sweater while you catch-up on the latest episode of that mid day whatever that show was while you drink up cup. And you fit the mold while you’re with your buddies on for their lunch while they’re in suit & tie and you’ve got dots on. And your tote is the perfect companion at the bar by your side sitting with your best friend for a drink in your grey cranberry combo with your sweater slightly hanging out. And your trench is kickin ass because you just got a last minute call for a shoot and the wind tunnel you’re walking through is no competition when you team it up with your striped hat scarf combo. Oh! And cute boots sir. Fashion is creation. There Are No Restrictions. Keep telling yourself that and you’ll never be caught with nothing interesting to wear.

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